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This document covers an eclectic, extensive collections of facts and options.

  1. 80 column display options
  2. All about power sources
  3. Are acoustic couplers still available?
  4. Can you use an external modem with a Model T?
  5. How to remove scratches from the LCD?
  6. How do I use FLOPPY.CO and DUET.CO concurrently?
  7. Model T faxing
  8. Start your own Model "T" club
  9. Printer control
  10. Logging onto the Club 100 BBS
  11. BBS general use tutorial with "assignments"
  12. How to download from the Club 100 bbs library.
  13. Using a DOS computer to access Model "T" programming
  14. Some notes on DVI cables and protection
  15. CGP115 tutorial and examples
  16. Public domain program, and specific collections