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The Whole Enchilada


The most popular and important Model "T" information is in this collection entitled "The Whole Enchilada". This comprehensive collection covers all of the major questions and concerns expressed by thousands of Model T users world wide, from 1983 to the present.


  1. This series is constantly being updated at the detail level.
  2. Printed copies of this series used to be available, but due to its dynamic, is no longer available by mail order -- it is all online, now.

RAM and Storage Options
Covers all the possible choices for RAM expansion and increased storage available for Model T users. Written for beginners and novices alike, this collection points to the most important considerations in RAM expansion, file storage and maintenance, and working configurations for daily use. Includes technical resource reference.

Computer-to-Computer File Transfers
Everything you've always wanted to know about transferring files between your Model T and your desktop computer. This comprehensive discussion includes strok-by-stroke examples, suggestions, variations, products, etc. Covers all file-type file transfers. Includes Null-Modem cable pin-out diagrams. Extensive coverage of on-line use with examples and tutorials.

Cold Start Recovery
Every Model 100, 102, and 200 computer cold starts -- where it appears that all files are lost. Don't despair and Don't Panic. Armes with this information you may recover your .DO files easily. Includes discussions covering all possible options available. Never lose another file.

Questions, Questions, Questions
An eclectic, extensive collection of facts and options, icluding but not limited to: 80 column display options, available option ROMs, Model T faxing, online use, publications, motherboard niCAD conserns, file conversions, using an external modem, printer control and program resources.

A comprehensive discussion of ASCII files and their use, and the entire concept and practice of compatibility between dissimilar computers and programs. This document also covers delimitied ASCII files used for importing data into spreadsheet and database programs. Includes data-collection program and resource reference.

NEC PC-8201A Support
By: Gary Weber

Model Ts Forever!
The Original Laptop Computer . . . 1983