The Whole Enchilada
Updated: 14-Aug-98
Status: Being reviewed

Please Note: The information in this document has just been translated over from the printed version (14-Aug-98) and is being reviewed. There are errors! This notice will go away once all the obvious errors are corrected. From there, this document will be upgraded over time.


You may use any computer to log on and use the Club 100 BBS. Below is a tutorial on using a stock Model 100/102 and a direct/connect cable to log onto the Club 100 BBS.

You will need a direct/connect cable (Aka: phone/modem cable) to use the internal modem. You may use in external modem but that's a different subject.

If you have the 2-wire (tan and gray) Radio Shack direct/connect cable, connect the 8-pin din to the port marked "phone" on the back of your Model 100, and the tan lead to the phone line plug. You may, if you choose, connect the gray lead to a telephone but this is not necessary. If you have a Club 100 phone/modem cable (see catalog) there is only one lead--it connects to the phone line.

  1. Set the switches on the left hand side of your Model 100 to ORIG and DIR.
  2. Turn your Model 100 on and go into TELCOM. Set your stat (refer to the upper left hand corner of your screen) settings, using function key <f3>Stat to M8N1E,10 pps and hit <enter>. Model 200 owners set your stat to M8N1ENN,O,T.
  3. Tap your <f2>Call function key, enter the phone number of our BBS, followed by the less-then ( < ), greater-then ( > ) signs and hit <enter>

Example: 19259391246<>

Your Model 100 will dial 19259391246 and stay on the line to handshake with the host's modem--that's why you add the < symbols. Once connection is made, the Club 100 host will ask some questions. Here is an actual log on sequence for John Doe calling from Bigsky, MT

First name? john
Last name? joe
Calling from (city,st)?  bigsky, mt

Calling from BIGSKY, MT

Is this correct (y/n)? Y

At this point, you are online. A userlog entry will be made under your name as entered, and you will be considered a (member) using the online service. There is no fee to use the Club 100 BBS, and no limits. However, the online (4)Library is one of our products. If you wish online library access--this is not an obligation for membership in the club or use of all the rest of the BBS--then the charge is $12 for an entire years' unlimited access to the online library. We appreciate online members who purchase library access each year. Those funds keep the BBS online.