The Whole Enchilada
Updated: 14-Aug-98
Status: Being reviewed

Please Note: The information in this document has just been translated over from the printed version (14-Aug-98) and is being reviewed. There are errors! This notice will go away once all the obvious errors are corrected. From there, this document will be upgraded over time.


I get calls from fellow Model T (*) users all over the country. Many of them would like to come to our meetings on the West coast but just can not. They usually ask me to find someone in their area with a Model T they can meet. To this end, I have developed a method to get you folks together.

First, our mailing list is not shared, even among members, as a matter of policy laid down back in the 80s when I wrote the business plan for Club 100. However, I can use our mailing list to help others find you.

The first question is, "Are there other Model T users in your area?" Fax a list of zip codes within a convenient driving distance of your place. I will search our base for a head count and fax the results.

If the results of my search on your zip code list looks good, then the next step is: You offer to host a meeting; to be the contact point for folks in your area. You select a meeting place (home, pizza parlor, etc.... some place fun and free to just show up), and a data and time, i.e., March ??, Sat. noon to 3pm, or some day and time convenient for adults.

Once the place/date/time are established, I'll do a post card mailing to all those in your area from the zip code search, announcing you and the meeting details, along with your phone number, and or fax number, so interested parties can either attend, or RSVP (very few do that these days... they just show up), or call you to be on your mailing list.

That's it! We can give it a shot. It either works or it does not work. Bottom line: It works! Our last shot worked really well in Columbus, OH. You will make a handful of contacts--less then 10, usually. From there, you folks can arrange future meetings without further help from us.

Although we will help Model T owners get together, those associations may not use the Club 100 name, should they choose to name their association. You become your own club or association; or just be Model T friends. If you do wish to name your association then choose something appropriate to your area or something agreed upon by a majority of those in attendance at the gathering. Of course, we appreciate any mention of Club 100 you may provide.

The "T" in Model T stands for Tandy but also parallel's Ford's famous Model T automobile, i.e., the first of its kind; a legend in its own time; still in use today.