The Whole Enchilada
Updated: 14-Aug-98
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Some notes on DVI (disk video interface) cables and protection

DVI cables are special. Each pin-pair in the 50-pin cable is crossed making it a very, very, very difficult cable to manufacture--well worth the price that Tandy wants ($70). You can get a cable through Tandy National Parts. Their number is: 800-442-2425.

When using a DVI with a Model 100 it is best to use a zero insertion force connector to avoid breaking the DVI cable pins at the Model 100's bus connector. Model 102's and 200's incorporate a less stressful bus connector. A zero insertion force connector as an arm affixed to a clamping mechanism that clamps each pin, or releases each pin, depending on the position of the arm, i.e., up = release, down = clamp. You may purchase a zero insertion force connector at any "good" electonics parts store--gee, I guess that leaves out old Rat Shack, eh?--or by calling Digi-Key. Their number is: 800-344-4539.