The Whole Enchilada
Updated: 14-Aug-98
Status: Being reviewed

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One of the most common questions asked, today (circa 1994), deals with sending and receiving faxes with a Model T computer. To be honest, the answer is no, not directly ... and yes, indirectly. Let's explore the no and yes.

There is no way, inexpensive or otherwise, to receive faxes on a Model 100, directly ... unless someone were to write a program to handle an external fax modem and printer, using the computer to translate the incoming signal to a print output.

Sending faxes is easy, but not via a directly connected fax/modem. One method is to use MCIMail fax service. MCIMail is an online service, i.e., a BBS. Call MCIMail @ 1-800-444-6245 and ask them to send information to you. They can fax it, mail it, or e-mail it if you have an internet address.

To fax through MCIMAIL you log onto their BBS, address a message to the fax/modem number you want to reach, edit your message online (or upload pre-edite text), then select (S)end. Within a few moments, MCI will pipe your message our one of their online fax/modems to the fax/modem you addressed in your message header.

Another way to send and receive faxes is to buy a fax that supports RS232C input (serial input via RS232C). You can send ASCII out the serial port of your Model 100 to your fax, and thus send. The fax machine will receive faxes, normally..