The Whole Enchilada
Updated: 14-Aug-98
Status: Being reviewed

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Programs for the Model "T" series abound. Below is a list of collections available from Club 100.

Public Domain Listing
A whopping 10 page listing of 34 issues, each containing approximately 15 +/- programs per issue, plus 2, Model 200-specific issues. List available at no charge. Issue ordering information included.

Let's Play Monopoly
Yes, this is "the original" program that plays like the board game ... and is very aggressive! Instructions included. See Club 100 catalog for ordering information.

Portal Of Light
The most amazing 3D maze game ever invented for Model's 100 and 102. This is "the tough one!" Instructions included. See Club 100 catalog for ordering information.

Beyond the above, two special collections exist from Club 100. See Club 100 catalog for ordering information.

The Drew Blanchar Collection
Enjoy useful and practical programs by Drew Blanchar. These gems can be yours for just $8.95. Please indicated media: Tandy Portable Disk Drive 3.5" (.BA files tokenized), or MSDOS 5.25" or 3.5" (.BA files in ASCII, or Tokenized for Lapdos owners). Programs run on all M100's, 102's, and 200's.

Apple, raisins and schnapps turn a yellow cake into a golden 

The correct time is announced with a familiar tune and Navy-
standard bells.  The display tells the TIME for NAVY, ARMY, AIR 

Ask your question, toss the coins and let FATE whisper in your 
ear. To divine is to resolve doubts of the mind and mysteries of 
the universe. 

Move a freight train within legal time limits and under CENTRAL 
TRACK CONTROL.  Learn the challenges.  Read CTCRUL.DO for 
expanded rules for CTC.BA game. 

Handy calculator for all those electronic engineering formuli and 
constants we were supposed to memorize for all time. 

They whispered to you from the old radio speaker or leapt out off 
the page of books and Sunday Funnies.  They were the pulp heroes 
of the golden age but how well do you recall WHO AM I? 

BINGO, BEANO, LOTTO, or KENO.  This is your low price 
alternative. Mark your best numbers and watch as FATE draws its 
own selection.  Pay-off is for a $1 bet (the ODDs) at my favorite 
Reno casino. 

Can you name the steam locomotive class from the wheel 
configuration?  Or the wheel pattern from the name?  Try your 
memory at trackside while 

Need to generate some arithmetic practice?  Let MATHEX.BA creates 
20 problems at 2 different levels using its random number 
generator.  There's also a pack of word/number questions. 

Same as MATHEX.BA, but provides hardcopy of problems in batches 
of 10. Answers are printed 2 inches to the right of questions. 

"What's your sign?" is passe'.  Now you need to know your 
numerology to pick your luckiest days, colors, and partners. 

Got everything for the shindig?  Use this file as the core of 
your shopping list and enjoy the party. 

The Model 100/102 is the best tool for collecting information, 
but writing the questionnaires program scares a lot of us.  Here 
is a form builder that walks you through your desired questions 
and converts it all into the questionnaire of your dreams.  For 
more details/help, see 

Where are the greatest hackers and the most unlucky data-entry 
clerks?  Maybe they're trapped on a far-away asteroid with 

G.F. Handel's SONATA FOR BELLS in 3/4 time from his selections 
for musical clock-works. 

Use your computer to keep track of your jobs with associated 
numbers, times, mileage, and notes recorded and computed. 

The Electronic Technician
Enjoy useful and practical programs by Tony Anderson. These gems can be yours for just $8.95. Please indicated media: Tandy Portable Disk Drive 3.5" (.BA files tokenized), or MSDOS 5.25" or 3.5" (.BA files in ASCII, or Tokenized for Lapdos owners).

Program displays current month's calendar, day and clock time on 
the screen, with the current day in reverse video. 

Program provides a number of power, decibel and voltage 
calculations and conversions from user input.  Function selected 
by menu. 

Program calculates values for DB Pads in three configurations, 
Pi, Unbalanced T, and Balanced H.  Db loss, as well as input and 
output impedances of the pads may be specified.  Screen Graphics. 

Program "designs" inverting and non-inverting audio circuits for 
specified values of gain, based on the 741 Opamp.  Screen 

Program calculates minimum loss matching pads between unequal 
impedances.  Screen graphics. 

Program provides the nearest (standard) common value of resistor 
to a value specified by the user. 

Program calculates resistor values and db loss for 
divider/combining networks between equal impedances. 

Program calculates/displays four ohms law values, voltage, 
resistance, current and power, given any two of the four values. 

Program calculates net value of any number of resistors connected 
in parallel. 

Program calculates values for common voltage divider based on 
user's input.  Screen graphics. 

Program calculates value and wattage for voltage dropping 
resistors based on user input. 

Program calculates value of voltage dropping resistor for use 
with an LED based on user input. 

Program calculates and displays circuit and values for changing 
output voltage of 78xx- series, 3-leg voltage dividers.  Screen 

Program calculates value of parallel resistances needed to obtain 
a specific value in the form, "What value of resistor, placed in 
parallel with `x' ohms will give me `y' ohms?" 

A text list of the ampacities of common wire sizes as given by 
the Audio Cyclopedia, Radio Amateur's Handbook, and 1990 National 
Electric Code 

A decimal conversion table, giving values in fractions, decimal 
value (100ths), and millimeters for fractions between 1/64th inch 
and one inch by 64ths. 

List of common wiring color code conventions for (up to) 15-pair 
multi-conductor Belden cable.