The Whole Enchilada
Updated: 14-Aug-98
Status: Being reviewed

Please Note: The information in this document has just been translated over from the printed version (14-Aug-98) and is being reviewed. There are errors! This notice will go away once all the obvious errors are corrected. From there, this document will be upgraded over time.


Yes, you may use your external 1200 or faster baud modem with your Model 100, 102 or 200. Here's how:

Connect your modem to the RS232 port on the back edge of your laptop Use a straight-through serial cable... not a null cable or connector.

Go into TELCOM and set your stat to 58N1E and hit . The 5 stands for 1200 baud through the RS232 port (refer to your laptop's manual or quick reference card--if you don't have such, call us... we usually have manuals and quick reference cards). Model 200 users use 58N1ENN,O,T.

Tap your function key (Term) to go into terminal mode. You are now talking to your modem. Of you key in AT and hit it should respond with OK.

To dial a number, enter ATDT and the number and hit . The modem will tone dial the number you gave, and connect to whatever service you're calling at 1200 baud. You do not have to place the <> characters after the number. Use the <> characters if you are using the laptop's built in modem, not when using an external modem.

1200 baud operation via a Model T is easy and straight forward with one exception. The LCD of your Model T is a 600 baud device (the Model 200 is faster). This means that you are connected at 1200 baud but your effective on-screen speed is 600 baud. You may experience some loss of characters or slowness in the host accept certain commands like S to skip a listing, or S to pause and Q to continue.

Club 100 has both public domain and commercial programs available that manage external modems. If interested, contact Club 100. Also, see the public domain listing at the end of this document.

Direct connect from laptop to desktop while in the same room is best done via Lapdos II for DOS computers and 100duet for Mac's. Using two phone lines, each with a modem on either end--dialing out with your laptop on one and into the desktop on the other--just to transfer files is quite a foolish waste of time, and is far from efficient. On the other hand, if you are not in the same room with both computers then the only way is via a communications link (phone lines) and modems. if transferring files interests you, please refer to the "Computer-To-Computer File Transfer" document from The Whole Enchilada series by Club 100.