Club 100

The Warehouse

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By special request, here are random shots of the various piles of Model "T" stuff in the warehouse. I will add shots of the work bench and whatever else comes to mind over time.

[Click Me] In this photo you will note a roll-around shelving cart stacked with a row of Model 200s, with tpdd, tpdd2 and a chipmunk drive in front. Below is are boxes of case halves and if you look carefully you will see the backs of two DVIs. There is also a portable printer in this photo, a power poll, a white bag filled with tpdd parts and a dead fish—actually a bag shaped like a fish.

[Click Me] This photo shows a stack of Model 100, 102 and 200 motherboards, keyboards and LCD. There are some case halves with parts attached as well. Stacks like this sit around the shop awaiting testing and sorting for use as parts donors or to be assembled into working units.

[Click Me] Here is a stack of keyboards and LCDs. If you look carefully you will see two booster pac boards at the bottom of the front stack of Model 200 LCD panels. Again, stacks like this sit around the shop.

[Click Me] Yet another box filled with computers. Some are good, some are not. Most will end up as parts donors.

[Click Me] Not only is this a warehouse, this is a working auto hobby shop. Here is a photo of TOON T and the Zoomie's Workshop, shop truck (

Model Ts Forever!
The Original Laptop Computer . . . 1983