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NADSBox ... is real!

Pettit Engineering, Int'l -&- Club 100
October 8, 2008 (Updated 31-May-09)

The target date for the New Age Digital Storage Box (NADSBox) is December 1st, 2008. Thanks to over six years of dedication, personal investment and half-million lines of machine code, Ken Pettit is finally in the home stretch. Beta NADSBoxes have gone out and thus far all is well. Yours truly has one and ... WOW. We are now waiting for a production run of the enclosures. Everything else is ready, i.e., PCB boards, cards, adapters, etc. Thus, NADSBox is real. Due to Ken's location (China) and work comments, Club 100 will be the ordering headquarters for the NADSBox. Club 100's track record and commitment to the Model 100 owners for over 25 years means easy ordering, fast fulfillment and cost effective shipping.

Two reasons to own a NADSBox: 1) Portable mass storage to a media card, and 2) Media card is readable by a PC or Mac card reader, i.e., easy file transfers.

Let me say something really important in support of our Model 100s, 102s, 200s, WP-2s and NEC 8201a/8300s. The Model 100 came to us via Bill Gates and Tandy / Radio Shack in March 1983. It's been over 25 years and we are still here. WOW! And over all this time, the top wish list items have been portable mass storage and file transfers. Ken Pettit's NADSBox does both very well. NADSBox "is" the #1 tool that takes Model "T" computing into the 3rd decade and beyond. Every serious Model "T"er needs a NADSBox. Why? It works, it's cool and we need to stand up and support Ken. Let me also add that in the wings is REX by Steve Adolph. REX and NADSBox cross-support each other, i.e., you will be blown away by the team work.


The NADSBox has is priced reasonably at $195. Shipping is $10 flat rate world wide!! Club 100 offers, visa, master card, checks, money orders and Paypal. Please Note: Paypal is preferred.


When the NADSBox was first introduce they were produced in small batches and people had to get on a waiting list. That's over. NADSBoxes are now in stock and ready to ship. Order now! (see Order Form at

Model "T"s Forever... -Rick-

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