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Club 100 thanks Lizard Hill Hosting for their generous service in hosting all of the Club 100 program and documentation files (over 1 gigabyte) for the continued benefit of Model 100, 102 and 200 owners world wide. Club 100 encourages folks to choose Lizard Hill Hosting as their domain hosting service. -Rick-

Document Hosting Provided by Lizard Hill Hosting
ARITH.BA 889 (11-28-90)
Test the floating point arithmetic of a compiler or interpreter.
BASBLD.BA 5059 (11-20-87)
This is the latest version of a program that will turn a .CO file into .BA file that, when run, will turn itself back into the original .CO file.
CASUTL.100 3602 (10-09-91)
CASUTL.200 3910 (10-09-91)
CASUTL.DOC 2842 (10-09-91)
Creates CASUTL.CO which will batch SAVE files to cassette or batch LOAD files, will also SAVE or LOAD individual files and will recover TEXT files by blocks and LOAD them into RAM. CASUTL.CO also has a "View" function that allows you to read TEXT files from tape.
CHANGE.BA 5845 (11-19-87)
CHANGE.DO 8106 (11-19-87)
CHGFIX.DO 1650 (11-19-87)
Directory utility program which allows you to KILL, RENAME or make files invisible as well as convert files between.CO.CA.DO.HEX and Ascii.
CHGHEX.BA 983 (12-24-90)
A stand alone utility that converts a hex file made by Rick Perry's CHANGE.BA into a CO program.
CLPLS.BA 2975 (07-01-88)
Change the date on your computer.
CMENU.200 1223 (12-11-92)
CMENU.DOC 1300 (12-11-92)
Creates CMENU.CO which allows you to swap the position of files on the menu that are the same type including BASIC, TEXT, TELCOM, ADDRSS, SCHEDL and MSPLAN.
CO2BA.BA 1199 (06-30-88)
Converts a "CO" program into a "DO" file with its own LOADER which when loaded into BASIC and run will create the "CO" program again.
COCOPY.BA 2042 (11-20-87)
Transfer CO files from the Model 100 to the other computers.
DATE-S.BA 357 (06-30-88)
Allows easy reseting of the time, date, and day of week after a cold-start.
DIR.BA 449 (11-20-87)
Utility gives the address of the file in memory. Has the option of sending the directory listing to the printer.
DO2BA.100 2338 (12-22-90)
DO2BA.200 3117 (12-22-90)
Converts oversized programs from ASCII format into BASIC that other wise take up too much room to Load conventionaly.
DOCO.BA 2716 (01-01-90)
This program converts CO files to DO format for easy transmission by modem or RS-232. It also reconverts the DO file, creating a CO file identical to the original.
FILES.200 844 (12-22-90)
Displays the files from all the banks on one screen.
FILSIZ.BA 742 (11-20-87)
Program displays the size of all text and Basic files in your Model 100. It also gives the size of the paste buffer and machine language files.
FIND.BA 1338 (07-02-88)
FIND.DO 2443 (06-30-88)
Very small, very fast machine language ouline that searches the Model 100's memory for a given string, listing each location where the string is found.
FINDCO.BA 794 (02-13-89)
A handy little utility for finding the addresses for a CO program.
FLCHK.100 2450 (12-22-90)
FLCHK.200 2090 (12-22-90)
FLCHK.DOC 374 (12-22-90)
Finds a files length, calculates its checksum and saves them to CHKSUM.DO, it also displays them on the screen.
HEXEM.BA 1785 (07-18-90)
A revised version of a old program that makes a HEX file from a CO program with its own loader attached, which when run will recreates the original CO program.
HIDE.200 1030 (12-11-92)
HIDE.DOC 2001 (12-11-92)
Creates HIDE.CO which allows you to make files invisible and visible again, program displays all files in RAM with the invisible files in reverse video.
HOTKEY.BA 4496 (11-30-90)
HOTKEY.DO 2922 (11-30-90)
Sets up certain Escape keys to print out time/date on the screen whether in BASIC or TEXT, enter them in TEXT files, send printer FF and vary Tabs.
KILL.BA 675 (09-03-91)
Allows you to delete files from the Model 100's menu with the widebar cursor in much the same way as you do on the Model 200.
LENGTH.BA 1496 (11-30-90)
Creates a machine language program called LENGTH.CO which estimates the length of files. The final .CO file is only 204 bytes long.
LOCATE.BA 815 (11-20-87)
LOCATE.DO 352 (11-20-87)
Locate searches RAM or ROM for a given string. Once the string is found its memory location is displayed.
MAXRAM.100 1472 (09-01-91)
A 51 byte patch that changes the value of MAXRAM using the hooks for RST 7, download HOOKS.100 from the Technical Referance area for more information.
MEMCHK.200 1050 (05-15-92)
A M/L program for testing RAM integrity in each bank of the Model 200.
MEMDMP.BA 1282 (11-20-87)
Memory dump utility.
MEMLST.BA 902 (11-20-87)
Utility for display memory on the screen. A helpful M/L debugging tool.
MEMMGR.BA 2079 (11-13-89)
A memory management utility from Traveling Software.
MENU.BA 2903 (05-04-90)
Second generation MENU, it renames, kills and moves files at the touch of a function key. Takes a complete inventory of the system and automatically adjusts to RAM size.
MONTOR.BA 1854 (11-20-87)
Utility for inspecting and patching Model 100/102 menu files.
QKRCHK.BA 1737 (07-02-88)
Creates QKRCHK.CO, a machine language checksum program for the Model 100/102 which runs in the alternate LCD buffer.
RAM100.BA 889 (11-20-87)
Displays a list of important RAM memory Locations.
RAMDIR.BA 991 (11-20-87)
Prints the internal RAM directory of the Model 100, listing the entry address, type & status byte, the starting address, & filename.
RAMCHK.BA 1307 (07-01-88)
Tests your RAM memory.
RAMTST.BA 1421 (11-19-87)
A utility program used to test the quality of all the available RAM memory in your system.
RELOC.BA 3215 (02-13-89)
RELOC.DO 2508 (02-27-89)
A utility for relocating M/L programs, automatically moves subroutines in RAM.
RESTOR.BA 1101 (03-22-90)
RESTOR.DO 1685 (03-22-90)
A "Cold Start" recovery program that divides your RAM into ASCII files by the EOF markers left there before the machine reset, loads into the previous screen buffer for TELCOM from tape by executing a RUNM command in BASIC so it doesn't over write any files in user memory. You must use a cassette recorder!
RLCLDR.BA 1815 (03-04-91)
RLCLDR.DO 5435 (03-04-91)
Saves and Loads a relocatable .CO file using a special ASCII code by Neil Wick.
ROM100.BA 904 (11-20-87)
Prints the keywords stored in M100 ROM to a text file called ROM100.DO. Lots of technical information is given.
SECRET.200 1930 (12-22-90)
A utility program that enables you to make files invisible and do other neat tricks.
SETHIM.BA 431 (11-20-87)
Handy program to set HIMEM for either disk manager, Floppy.CO or allows you to enter your own value for HIMEM.
SETMEM.BA 500 (07-01-88)
Allows for an easy way to set or clear high memory.
SLCDIG.DO 1927 (02-27-89)
Diagram of the TS-Booster Pac.
SLICER.BA 5319 (02-14-89)
SLICER.DO 3449 (02-14-89)
A utility for braking up appended and oversized files in the TS-Booster Pack.
STKEYS.100 325 (06-10-92)
STKEYS.200 288 (06-10-92)
A handy utility that stores BASIC's F key settings in a small CO file which when run will restore those settings.
SWITCH.200 660 (04-18-92)
A neat little utility that allows you to alternately view and edit two text files without returning to the main menu.
TIMSET.BA 425 (11-30-90)
Automatically load and run another program at a specified time.
TOOLKT.BA 5906 (11-20-87)
TOOLKT.DO 4810 (11-20-87)
Tool kit will reline, pack, list, checksum, and pack a basic program stored in ASCII format. It will reset Fkeys and automatically reset DATE$.
TS-DIR.BA 1294 (01-01-92)
Shows a continues directory of all the files in the TS-Booster Pack.
TXTDMP.BA 2235 (03-31-92)
TXTDMP.DO 1291 (03-31-92)
Creates TXTDMP.CO which will Save/Load .DO files to tape in one continuous block instead of the usually 256-byte blocks, it saves time and tape!
UTL19.BA 4158 (11-20-87)
UTL19.DO 845 (11-20-87)
A function key driven utility program allowing you to easily kill, rename, get file length, sort, search and replace bank switch and more. v19.
UTLPW2.BA 2987 (11-20-87)
Several utilities: print formatter, rename, kill and FILEN utility.
UTLTY.BA 2671 (11-20-87)
This is a directory utility program. Most features are self-explanatory. It allows you to rename, move, kill & make invisible any file. Menu driven.
WARM.BA 708 (11-20-87)
WARM.DO 2880 (11-20-87)
A tiny program that prevents cold starts by preventing the clash of any two machine language programs. This program is easily modified to fit your needs, and comes highly recommended.

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