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Club 100 thanks Lizard Hill Hosting for their generous service in hosting all of the Club 100 program and documentation files (over 1 gigabyte) for the continued benefit of Model 100, 102 and 200 owners world wide. Club 100 encourages folks to choose Lizard Hill Hosting as their domain hosting service. -Rick-

Document Hosting Provided by Lizard Hill Hosting
ALPHA.BA 2089 (11-20-87)
Creates ALPHA.CO which will convert a text file to UPPER case in a flash!
APPEND.100 1209 (12-20-90)
APPEND.DO1 1263 (12-20-90)
APPEND.200 1466 (12-20-90)
APPEND.DO2 1382 (12-20-90)
Creates APPEND.CO which lets you cut/copy and append to material already in the paste buffer.
BAKWDS.BA 2517 (11-20-87)
Try out this new text editor which works on the Model 100/102 and 200. Special features not find elsewhere.
CASES.BA 756 (11-20-87)
This utility program will do the laborious chore of converting a text file to upper case or vice versa, it opens a second file for the output.
CHRXLT.BA 883 (11-20-87)
CHRXLT.DO 1658 (11-20-87)
A text file character translator for the Model 100/102 and 200. It replaces characters in a text file by specified replacement characters.
CIPHER.BA 1863 (07-02-88)
CIPHER.DO 554 (06-30-88)
An enhanced file security program which allows the discrete coding and decoding of text files with a user selected two-digit numerical code.
COL20.BA 2517 (11-19-87)
This amazing little program will display files in large 20 character mode.
COLUMN.BA 3700 (06-02-90)
Takes up to 10 individual text files and columnizes them into 1 output file.
COUNT2.BA 973 (06-30-88)
A document length estimator, input any text file and it calculates the left, right, and top margins for you.
CPT-SS.BA 603 (07-02-88)
Allows you to encrypt and decrypt text files.
CR&CR.BA 2203 (06-30-88)
CR&CR.DO 1545 (06-30-88)
Creates CR/CR.CO which will insert carriage returns in a text file or strip carriage returns while respecting paragraphs, indentations and dot commands, super fast!
CRDEL.BA 675 (11-20-87)
A simple blank line stripper, lines must be no longer than 255 characters.
CRUNCH.BA 2070 (06-30-88)
Allows you to compress text files to 75% of their original length.
CRYPT.BA 1779 (07-02-88)
CRYPT.DO 3676 (06-30-88)
CRYPT.SRC 3354 (06-30-88)
Creates CRYPT.CO which encodes and decodes text files, the resulting program is only 283 bytes.
CURSOR.BA 7636 (06-30-88)
CURSOR.DO 3013 (06-30-88)
Creates CURSOR.CO which will display text on a 60 column x 10 line screen, has a switchable overwrite mode and can be loaded anywhere in user memory.
DCPREP.100 5558 (08-26-91)
DCPREP.200 4499 (08-26-91)
DCPREP.DOC 1369 (08-26-91)
Prepares a text file for SPLCHK.BA, you must save the file to tape or disk before using DCPREP as it strips and sorts the file into a word list.
DICT.BA 2357 (06-30-88)
DICT.DO 1504 (06-30-88)
A Spelling checker for text files, build your own dictionary.
DIFF.BA 1060 (05-15-96)
Program compares two "DO" files and prints any differences to a third file. Useful for comparing two generations of the same file!
DVORAK.100 5387 (07-10-89)
DVORAK.200 5262 (07-10-89)
DVORAK.DOC 6064 (07-10-89)
This is a machine language driver that converts your keyboard from the QWERTY format to Dvorak. There's no CO program to enter, once installed your keyboard inputs are altered in all modes however it is switchable via a control code.
ENCODE.BA 1177 (07-02-88)
ENCODE.DO 684 (07-02-88)
An enhanced file security program which allows the discrete coding and decoding of text files with a user selected two-digit numerical codes.
EXTRA.BA 2555 (12-11-92)
EXTRA.DO 2181 (12-11-92)
Extra is a TEXT utility for reporters with features such as Search & Replace, Story length, Byline insert and Boilerplate inserts.
HDSORT.BA 1143 (03-01-92)
A quick and simple sorting program that allows you to skip a header by entering the number of lines to skip at the begining of a file.
INCHES.BA 917 (11-20-87)
Newspaper story length estimator.
MATCH.BA 2168 (07-02-88)
Compares the contents of two files, the files must be in ASCII format.
NOWRAP.100 425 (12-20-90)
NOWRAP.200 550 (12-20-90)
Creates TEXT.CO which allows you to enter a text file and edit it just as you would through TEXT but defeats the wrap on last word function.
NULL.100 505 (01-02-91)
NULL.200 505 (01-02-91)
Opens a file called NULL.DO and creates a NULL "CHR$(0)" which can be copied into any text file were needed.
PACK.100 5246 (06-19-90)
PACK.200 5138 (06-19-90)
PACK.DOC 3926 (06-19-90)
Compresses and archives text files in a ARC (.CA) file which can be stored to disk or convert back into any number of the orignial files and still keep the archive, you can also delete individual files from the archive, compresses text up to 50% of its original size.
PASTE.200 1230 (12-20-90)
Allows you to cut and paste accross banks on the Model 200.
PBDUMP.100 744 (01-04-91)
PBDUMP.200 748 (05-21-92)
Creates PBDUMP.CO which allows you to move the contents of the paste buffer into a text file, for use when there is just enough memory left for one copy. PBDUMP.CO runs in TELCOM's previous screen buffer!
PIXMAP.BA 1164 (10-18-89)
Displays a text file in pixel grapics, you set the parameters!
PIXPLT.BA 1219 (07-01-88)
Displays a text file on the screen using pixels so you can tell what it will look like before printing it out.
SCRAM.BA 2003 (12-25-90)
SCRAM.DO 515 (07-02-88)
Encodes and decodes Model 100 text files at about a 40 characters per/sec.
SCROLL.BA 617 (11-20-87)
A demonstration program that will scroll a message prepared by you from right to left at the bottom of the screen.
SEARCH.BA 1332 (02-11-89)
A search and replace program that is case sensitive, has both Auto and Quarry mode with Replace, Skip or Quit options.
SLOAD.BA 1052 (03-29-91)
SCODE.DO 2147 (11-29-90)
SORT.DOC 5039 (11-29-90)
SCODE and SLOAD create SORT.CO which will sort by fields using delimiters if specified and sorts in ascending or decending order, a powerful routine!
SMTKEY.200 9855 (11-24-91)
SMTKEY.DOC 13864 (11-24-91)
Creates MACRO.CO and a group of machines language programs that enable you to use macro's form TEXT, BASIC, TELCOM or MSPLAN with the press of a key or two.
SORTHI.100 1560 (11-06-89)
SORTHI.200 1633 (05-20-92)
Create SORT.CO which is a consolidated version of Rick Perry's sort routine that runs in TELCOM's previous screen buffer.
SORTLD.BA 2439 (11-29-90)
Creates a SORT.CO, a machine language sort routine.
SPELL2.BA 6125 (01-08-91)
SPELL2.DO 2898 (01-08-91)
Creates SPELL2.CO which uses your M100 and a TDD2 for a disk based dictionary, you must have FLOPPY II installed and supply a disk dictionary.
SPLCHK.BA 1771 (08-26-91)
SPLCHK.DO 1948 (08-26-91)
A spell checker written in Basic for the M100/102 or M200 and POWR-D or TS-DOS (with DOS ON), you must have DCPREP.100 or DCPREP.200 to prepare a text file. One advantage of SPLCHK.BA over SPELL2.CO (even though it's slower) is that you can have more than one dictionary disks.
SUPER.BA 1257 (11-20-87)
Allows you to use SuperScripts and subscripts right on the Model 100's screen, instructions are in the program.
TEXTP.100 7279 (07-02-91)
TEXTP.200 7212 (07-02-91)
TEXTP.DOC 9112 (07-02-91)
Adds 9 features to TEXT: backward search, search & replace, disable word wrap, overwrite mode, place markers, block delete, show cursor location, append paste buffer and dump paste buffer.
TXTOVW.100 1669 (12-20-90)
TXTOVW.200 1782 (12-20-90)
Creates TXTOVW.CO which enhances TEXT with an overwrite feature, can also turn the word-wrap feature off upon entering a text file.
TW2WS.BA 1044 (11-20-87)
TW2WS.DO 1066 (11-20-87)
A T-Word to Wordstar file conversion utility, converts page break, underline, SuperScript and subscript.
TYPO.BA 2879 (06-30-88)
A useful program for checking the spelling of words in a text file.
UC2MIX.BA 1460 (04-24-91)
Creates UC2MIX.CO which will convert a UPPER CASE file to a conventional format however you must go back and change any noun's including "i" to upper case, the routine runs in TELCOM's previous screen buffer and converts the file in place.
UNFORM.BA 3209 (11-20-87)
UNFORM.DO 4052 (11-20-87)
Program checks text files for extra carriage returns.
VIEW.BA 3943 (12-20-90)
VIEW.DO 2595 (12-20-90)
ACCESS.BA 404 (06-30-88)
Creates VIEW.CO which will display text on a 10 line x 60 column screen, must use ACCESS.BA to initialize & set line length.
VIEW80.100 4525 (12-20-90)
VIEW80.200 2934 (12-20-90)
LOAD80.BA 399 (12-20-90)
VIEW80.DO 1821 (12-20-90)
Creates VIEW80.CO which will display text on a 10 line x 80 column screen, but isn't as easy to read as the original VIEW. The M200 version is self contained while the M100 version uses LOAD80.BA, see VIEW80.DO for the M100 version.
WC.BA 1108 (05-05-90)
WC.DO 2135 (01-05-91)
Counts the words in a text file at lightening speed with the help of a little machine code routine that runs in TELCOM's previous screen buffer, the program automatically adjusts its location between the M100/102 and M200.
WCOUNT.BA 532 (11-20-87)
This handy little utility will count the number of words in your text files.
WS-STP.BA 702 (11-20-87)
WordStar stripper, processes a WordStar file and gives you an ASCII file... useful!
ZAPDUP.100 1070 (01-02-91)
ZAPDUP.200 1073 (01-02-91)
Creates ZAPDUP.CO which will search listings and delete any duplicate entries, super fast!
ZAPTAB.100 700 (01-02-91)
ZAPTAB.200 723 (01-02-91)
Creates ZAPTAB.CO which converts all Tab characters (^I) in a text file to eight space characters, super fast!.
ZIPSRT.100 1381 (04-30-91)
ZIPSRT.200 1335 (09-20-92)
ZIPSRT.DOC 7474 (01-02-91)
Creates ZIPSRT.CO which will sort listings by columns and allows you to start at any line thereby skipping headers and unwanted material, super fast!
ZIPSUB.100 1439 (01-31-90)
ZIPSUB.200 1438 (01-31-90)
ZIPSUB.DOC 7732 (01-03-91)
Creates ZIPSUB.CO which will search & replace any given string in a text file and is super fast, but NOT case sensitive!

The following is a spelling checker that requires TS-DOS to operate. TS-DOS is available from Club 100 (see Section (5) Market for details).

Use Xmodem to download the ZD_.DO files.

SPELL.BA 2305 (02-18-89)
SPELL.DO 2305 (02-16-89)
CMPRES.BA 2305 (02-16-89)
CODER.BA 1153 (02-16-89)
ZDA.DO 5121 of the spell files (02-16-89)
ZDB.DO 3713 of the spell files (02-16-89)
ZDC.DO 6913 of the spell files (02-16-89)
ZDD.DO 5121 of the spell files (02-16-89)
ZDE.DO 4097 of the spell files (02-16-89)
ZDF.DO 3841 of the spell files (02-16-89)
ZDG.DO 2305 of the spell files (02-16-89)
ZDH.DO 2817 of the spell files (02-16-89)
ZDI.DO 3585 of the spell files (02-16-89)
ZDJ.DO 897 of the spell files (02-16-89)
ZDK.DO 641 of the spell files (02-16-89)
ZDL.DO 2561 of the spell files (02-16-89)
ZDM.DO 3585 of the spell files (02-16-89)
ZDN.DO 1409 of the spell files (02-16-89)
ZDO.DO 1793 of the spell files (02-16-89)
ZDP.DO 5505 of the spell files (02-16-89)
ZDQ.DO 385 of the spell files (02-16-89)
ZDR.DO 4353 of the spell files (02-16-89)
ZDS.DO 8065 of the spell files (02-16-89)
ZDT.DO 3713 of the spell files (02-16-89)
ZDU.DO 2433 of the spell files (02-16-89)
ZDV.DO 1153 of the spell files (02-16-89)
ZDW.DO 1921 of the spell files (02-16-89)
ZDX.DO 129 of the spell files (02-16-89)
ZDY.DO 257 of the spell files (02-16-89)
ZDZ.DO 257 of the spell files (02-16-89)

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