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Club 100 thanks Lizard Hill Hosting for their generous service in hosting all of the Club 100 program and documentation files (over 1 gigabyte) for the continued benefit of Model 100, 102 and 200 owners world wide. Club 100 encourages folks to choose Lizard Hill Hosting as their domain hosting service. -Rick-

Document Hosting Provided by Lizard Hill Hosting
CHIBIT.BA 780 (12-07-92)
CHIBIT.DO 712 (12-07-92)
Codes/decodes high bit data from a .DO file so you can use it to convert files for sending over phone lines to a bbs.
CRYPTO.BA 2018 (07-02-88)
CRYPTO.DO 507 (07-02-88)
Part of a terminal emulation program.
DIAL.BA 1905 (03-26-92)
A handy little auto dialer program for the Model 100.
DIALER.BA 882 (01-13-91)
DIALER.DO 1059 (06-30-88)
A redialer for TELCOM, it keeps trying until a modem answers.
DIRACC.100 1818 (11-20-87)
DIRACC.200 1830 (12-22-90)
DIRACC.DOC 1853 (11-20-87)
Machine language program allowing you to enter BASIC or TEXT mode from TELCOM without losing the phone line.
EM8SIG.BA 13618 (07-02-88)
EM8SIG.DO 1490 (06-30-88)
Auto logon for CompuServe by a well respected and ailing person who requested that we put his program in our library.
FLTCOM.BA 22 (11-20-87)
FLTCOM.DO 11571 (11-20-87)
A Kaypro program which enables to/from Kaypro file transfer at 19200 baud.
FSTMDM.BA 505 (06-30-88)
FSTMDM.DO 2828 (06-30-88)
Allows the Model 100 to communicate at 450 Baud through the built in modem.
LINK.BA 1683 (06-30-88)
Creates LINK.CO allowing you to jump to TEXT or BASIC from TELCOM and back again. Lists "DO" files upon entering TEXT and "BA" files for BASIC plus bytes free message.
LOGON.BA 1142 (11-20-87)
LOGON.DO 854 (11-20-87)
Retrieves a phone number and auto-logon sequence from ADRS.DO. Attempt to logon to a host computer. Automatically redials the phone line for you.
MODEM.200 6525 (05-16-92)
MODEM.DOC 6000 (05-16-92)
Creates MODEM.CO, a XMODEM/CRC program for the Model 200.
MORSE.BA 1048 (11-20-87)
Set this program up next to your ham radio set and practice sending and receiving messages in Morse code.
NUMWRD.BA 1534 (07-01-88)
Program gives you all the possible words for your phone number.
QX-COM.100 12271 (06-30-88)
QX-COM.DOC 10437 (06-30-88)
A collection of communications programs. Includes the following programs: QHAYES, XHAYES, QTOUCH, and XTOUCH. These files should be broken apart before using.
RFPATH.BA 5694 (07-01-88)
RFPATH.DO 2750 (07-01-88)
Radio frequency path calculations. A program to calculate, in DBM the signal strength at the receiver from a transmitter at a known distance.
RTTY.BA 1816 (07-01-88)
RTTY.DO 2784 (07-01-88)
Program allows the Model 100 to emulate an RTTY terminal at 60 thru 100 WPM. Requires an external Terminal unit. Of interest to ham radio operators.
RTTY3.BA 1850 (07-01-88)
RTTY3.DO 1633 (07-01-88)
RTTYPW.DO 1297 (07-01-88)
Program allows reception of radio teletype messages using the Model 100 and a shortwave radio.
SCROFF.200 1494 (07-21-90)
Allows a Model 200 to scroll incoming data accross the bottom of the screen while in the TERM mode, for use at speeds faster than 300 baud.
S-TIME.BA 1390 (06-30-88)
A neat little program to allow you to stay on line with CompuServe for only a limited amount of time.
SEND.BA 882 (11-20-87)
Send data from your Model 100 through the RS-232 port to another computer.
STAT.100 256 (06-10-92)
STAT.200 219 (06-10-92)
A handy utility that stores TELCOM's Stat settings in a small CO file which when run will restore those settings.
SXM.100 5127 (11-20-87)
SXM.200 5105 (01-13-91)
SXM.DOC 8569 (11-20-87)
A short, yet powerful telecomunications program for the M100. Provides functions not available with TELCOM, including Xmodem file transfer.
SXMCHP.BA 5314 (11-20-87)
Same as SXM.100, except supports the Chipmunk drive from Holmes Engineering.
TELGPX.BA 1779 (07-01-88)
A super telegraphix program.
TELKEY.BA 402 (11-19-87)
This short programs enhances the TELCOM program by adding several definitions to the function keys. F6 and F7 have been redefined to get a FILES listing and to display free memory in bytes.
TELUTL.BA 959 (11-19-87)
This clever utility program is used to enhance TELCOM by giving the user several extra function key definitions. A worthwhile program to keep around.
TOGGLE.BA 860 (07-21-90)
Allows a Model 100 to scroll incoming data accroos the bottom of the screen while in the TERM mode, for use at speeds faster than 300 baud.
TTY100.BA 2490 (07-01-88)
A model 100 program to send BAUDOT at 60 WPM (words per Minute).
VTEMUL.100 8726 (03-26-91)
VTEMUL.DO1 8020 (03-28-91)
VTEMUL.DO2 8307 (03-28-91)
Creates VT100.CO, a VT100 emulator that can be toggled in and out of TELCOM.
XHAYES.BA 3317 (11-20-87)
If you use your Hayes modem with your model 100, use this program to get the most out of your quality modem. Adds internal modem, BKSP key and several other enhancements. Requires X-TEL.
XMDPW5.100 10664 (06-30-88)
XMDPW5.DO1 6142 (06-30-88)
XMDSUP.DO1 2405 (06-30-88)
A super xmodem program which includes: Split screen, Macros for conferences and access to TEXT and BASIC while online.
XMDPW5.200 10732 (12-22-90)
XMDPW5.DO2 7452 (12-22-90)
XMDSUP.DO2 2564 (12-22-90)
Same as XMDPW5.100 but for the Model 200, use DO2BA.200 to load your ASCII copy XMDPW5.200 into BASIC or read XMDSUP.DO2 first.
XMDPW6.100 11318 (07-04-91)
XMDPW6.200 10649 (07-04-91)
XMDPW6.DOC 7021 (07-04-91)
Same as XMDPW5.100/200 except it enables you to download/upload files to/from a cassette, DVI, Chipmunk Drive (Not a TDD) or Booster Pack while you're online.
XMODEM.100 6709 (02-11-89)
XMODEM.200 6895 (06-10-92)
XMODEM.DOC 13018 (11-20-87)
Performs auto-dial-redial, auto-logon, terminal emulation, and buffered text file transfer via ASCII Xon/Xoff or Xmodem Christensen checksum protocol.
XPTERM.100 6357 (07-05-92)
XPTERM.200 6251 (07-05-92)
XPTERM.DOC 3798 (07-05-92)
Creates XPTERM.CO, a xmodem program that will allow you to hold the line while you use the RS232 port to transfer files to and from a TDD or another computer, XPTERM.CO also allows you to edit TEXT files while online.
XMODEM.BA 9216 (02-07-90)
Creates XMODEM.CO, a superb xmodem program for the Model 100 with a choise of CRC erorr checking or Christensen checksum protocol.
XTLCM3.200 3230 (12-22-90)
Allows you to move from bank to bank while in TELCOM, also allows you to access TEXT in any one bank.

Bulletin Board Programs...

BBS100.BA 12689 (11-20-87)
BBS100.DO 8680 (10-10-91)
This is probably the finest BBS (bulletin board system) program available for the Model 100/102/200 in existence today. Run your own BBS with this very capable host program.
BBSDMO.BA 8104 (07-01-88)
Allows you to practice going on-line to Club 100 without the expenses of calling long distance.
MESNGR.BA 11382 (06-30-88)
MESNGR.DO 11102 (06-30-88)
A Model 100 Bulletin Board program. This program loads as a Basic program.
PBBS.BA 12262 (11-20-87)
Operate a bulletin board from your M100. Includes a message board, a down load section, and an announcements.

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