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Club 100 thanks Lizard Hill Hosting for their generous service in hosting all of the Club 100 program and documentation files (over 1 gigabyte) for the continued benefit of Model 100, 102 and 200 owners world wide. Club 100 encourages folks to choose Lizard Hill Hosting as their domain hosting service. -Rick-

Document Hosting Provided by Lizard Hill Hosting
AX130A.BA 1390 (11-09-91)
Sets up character Fonts for Radio Shack DMP110 through DMP130 series printers, menu driven and works on either M100/102 or M200.
BANNER.100 2647 (11-20-87)
BANNER.200 3099 (05-20-92)
BANNER.DOC 1150 (11-20-87)
Print Banners sideways on your printer. Tested on a TTXpress. It should work on any printer.
BANNER.BA 3784 (02-05-90)
Prints any ASCII character sideways on any printer in crude block letters.
BIG.BA 5114 (02-11-89)
BIG.DO 1713 (06-30-88)
Third generation BIG100, it prints BIG BLOCK letters for posters and banners, allows you to enter your own FONT codes and resets printer when finished.
BIG100.BA 5636 (11-30-90)
Useful text printing program prints messages out in large characters.
CAL.BA 3398 (06-30-88)
Calendar program. Prints a calendar for any year from 1753 to 3999.
CGP115.BA 4415 (07-01-88)
Allows you to plot a variety of graphs, curves and circles on a Radio Shack CGP-115 plotter.
CHDUMP.BA 3369 (12-15-91)
CHDUMP.DO 6762 (12-15-91)
Screen dump program for Model 100/102 to Epson, and Epson compatible printers! Also works on the Gemini X10.
CHRGEN.BA 5098 (07-01-88)
CHRGEN.DO 1847 (07-01-88)
This is a utility for creating, storing and loading user-defined characters into an EPSON FX series printer.
CITIZN.BA 2152 (06-30-88)
A print formatter-controller program for the Citizen 120-D printer.
DMP105.BA 1847 (06-30-88)
For owners of the Radio Shack DMP-105 allows you to double strike.
DMP130.BA 1362 (11-19-91)
Sets up character Fonts for Radio Shack DMP110 through DMP130 series printers, F key driven and works either M100/102 or M200.
DMPDMP.BA 1828 (11-22-91)
DMPDMP.DO 1470 (11-22-91)
Creates XCOPY.CO which dumps the screen to a Radio Shack DMP series printer, does not take up any user RAM for it runs in TELCOM's previous screen buffer.
DRAGON.DO 17811 (11-20-87)
This is a full sized mural of a dragon. Set your printer to 132 columns and print it, the poster is well done!
DUBL.BA 1168 (11-20-87)
This handy text formatter will print out text double spaced printing with page numbers. Paragraphs must end with a press of the key.
DUMPIT.BA 851 (10-08-92)
Basic screen dump routine for Epson compatible printers. Merge this routine with your favorite BASIC program.
EP22.BA 1852 (11-20-87)
Print program for the Brother EP22 printer. Set headers and page numbers. Controls line length to 72 chars.
EPSON.BA 1994 (03-12-90)
Sets the print mode and Fonts on a Epson printer.
FEEDS.BA 1270 (12-01-90)
FEEDS.DO 1176 (12-01-90)
Just like LFUTL.100 but machine code is stored above MAXRAM in the optional ROM area to fix the bug with the F7 key, DO NOT use if a optional ROM is installed!
FONTFX.BA 7787 (11-20-87)
FONTFX.DO 12615 (11-20-87)
If you own an EPSON FX-80 printer or one that is compatible to it, you can use this program to create your own typefaces. It includes a font editor powerful features.
FONTS.200 1360 (12-22-90)
Get your Epson printer ready for use with this printer-setup program.
JUSTFY.BA 3352 (02-11-89)
JUSTFY.DO 936 (06-30-88)
Print formatter for the Brother HR series and many others. Sets the margins, prints to the left or right of the page, centers and right justifies.
LABELS.BA 2273 (02-21-89)
Prints up multiple labels.
LCDPRN.200 1862 (05-14-89)
Dumps the screen of a Model 200 to a Radio Shack DMP series printer.
LCDPRT.200 1982 (12-20-91)
Dumps the screen of a Model 200 to Epson, and Epson compatible printers!
LFCR.200 430 (12-22-90)
A utility program that enables line feed and carriage return functions.
LFUTL.100 1360 (11-20-87)
LFUTL.200 952 (11-04-92)
LFUTL.DOC 3970 (11-20-87)
Utility which allows menu-driven enable and disable of both TELCOM and printer line feeds added to carriage returns.
LSETUP.BA 880 (11-20-87)
This nifty program sets left and right margins on an Epson or Gemini printer. You can also set what font you want your printer to work with.
NEWPOS.BA 4751 (06-30-88)
Character style poster printer.
NEWPRT.BA 1519 (11-20-87)
This is a simple print formatter written by one of the top level managers at Tandy/Radio Shack. Good for printing small documents.
PAGER.BA 424 (07-01-88)
Sends page feeds to the printer.
POSTER.BA 5074 (06-30-88)
POSTER.DO 1251 (06-30-88)
Allows you to produce posters on your printer in the character mode.
PRINT.200 2779 (12-22-90)
A print formatter for the Model 200.
PRN100.BA 7792 (01-09-91)
PRN100.DO 7247 (01-09-91)
Creates PRINT.CO which will set all margins and page length, double space or single space your text, sends fonts to your printer and allows you to preview your formatted text using dot graphics. An excellent print formatter!
PRNKEY.BA 600 (02-19-89)
Swaps function key F5 for F6 in PRINT.CO and renames them.
PRNMOD.BA 4520 (02-19-89)
PRNMOD.DO 3994 (02-27-89)
Installs printer Font and Control codes in PRINT.CO.
PRNPGD.BA 1268 (01-09-91)
Adds page numbering to PRINT.CO.
PRNSER.BA 979 (01-09-91)
Enables you to use a serial printer with PRINT.CO.
PRINTR.BA 1580 (07-01-88)
Byte fyter's version of Ed Juge's PRINTR.BA. This uses up the least amount of bytes.
PRINTZ.BA 3343 (11-20-87)
PRINTZ.DO 5904 (11-20-87)
Program creates a machine language CO file which intercepts the printer driver. Lets you control page length, indentation, page numbering and more.
PRTEXT.BA 7084 (11-20-87)
PRTINS.DO 162 (11-20-87)
PRTMG1.DO 2807 (11-20-87)
PRTMG2.DO 4744 (11-20-87)
PRTMG3.DO 5655 (11-20-87)
PRTMG4.DO 4873 (11-20-87)
PRTMG5.DO 2482 (11-20-87)
A full-featured print formatter/word processor for the M100 & T200. Uses ANY printer, and uses PDD, D/VI, Chipmunk or Cassette. Unlimited Document and Mail Merge list length.
PRTFIX.BA 1968 (01-09-88)
Produces a custom printer module for the PRTEXT word processor to use special printer functions such as boldface, underline, etc.
PRTSET.BA 647 (07-01-88)
Printer setup program.
SCRDVI.100 4838 (11-20-87)
Program creates a machine language program called SCRDVI.CO a text printing program to be used with the Radio Shack Disk Video Interface. Documentation is included in this file.
SCRIPY.100 12302 (11-20-87)
Creates a machine language program which sends formatted printer output from M100 files to a printer.
SERIAL.200 2806 (12-22-90)
A utility program designed to drive serial printers with full formatting options.
SETRX.BA 572 (11-20-87)
Menu-driven utility which will set print characteristics for Epson or compatible printers. Eight functions can be set from the main menu and many of these can be mixed.
SIDWY3.BA 4532 (12-21-91)
SIDWY3.DO 2875 (12-21-91)
Prints a text file sideways using the graphics mode of a Epson, TTXpress, or Tandy's DMP series printer.
SL-MX2.BA 1208 (07-02-88)
A program for printing the graphics display on the Model 100 to an Epson compatible printer.
SLIDMX.BA 768 (12-24-90)
Print out high resolution screen graphics with this utility program.
SPRINT.BA 8005 (11-20-87)
A full-featured print formatter which is easy to use because it prompts the user for all the print options.
TTXPRE.BA 959 (06-30-88)
Lets a TTX Express printer select different print modes from a menu.
TVTEXT.BA 6071 (06-30-88)
TVTEXT.DO 6390 (06-30-88)
A print formatter in the two column Steno style for journalist but can be change to the more conventional format.
TXTFMT.BA 9999 (07-02-88)
TXTFMT.DO 4864 (06-30-88)
Creates TXTFMT.CO. A machine language text printing program featuring page plotting and many other advanced features.
WORD.BA 2874 (11-20-87)
WORD.DO 2367 (11-20-87)
A feature packed print formatter similar to Scripsit for the Model I/III/4. Gives a lot of control.
Z-CAL.BA 2226 (07-01-88)
Prints a customized calender.

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