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Club 100 thanks Lizard Hill Hosting for their generous service in hosting all of the Club 100 program and documentation files (over 1 gigabyte) for the continued benefit of Model 100, 102 and 200 owners world wide. Club 100 encourages folks to choose Lizard Hill Hosting as their domain hosting service. -Rick-

Document Hosting Provided by Lizard Hill Hosting
ASCII.BA 1210 (07-01-88)
Convert text or graphics files into a file containing ASCII number equivalents for use as DATA statements.
AUT100.BA 2088 (07-01-88)
Adds auto line numbering to BASIC.
BIDEC.BA 370 (07-01-88)
Converts from Binary (base 2) to Decimal (base 10).
BINARY.200 1137 (12-22-90)
Convert numbers to binary with the addition of a graphics display.
BINHEX.BA 2076 (12-22-90)
BINHEX.DO 1342 (12-22-90)
Converts CO programs to Hex files and reloads the Hex files.
BYTEIT.BA 6665 (11-20-87)
BYTEIT.DO 4818 (11-20-87)
A really good 80C85 assembler.
CMZASM.BA 11050 (01-21-91)
CMZASM.DO 5678 (01-21-91)
A simple assembler for createing code that can be loaded anywhere in memory.
D-H-D.BA 1112 (11-28-90)
This is a slick number conversion program allowing you to convert from decimal to hex and hex to decimal.
DEBUG.BA 7776 (06-30-88)
DEBUG.DO 6007 (06-30-88)
Enables you to run any section of a "CO" program, change the code, load the registers and stack before a run, then view them after. A unique tool for debugging M/L routines!
DETOKE.BA 976 (11-19-87)
FLSTAT.BA 2417 (11-19-87)
BASIC.DO 734 (11-19-87)
STEP1.DO 951 (11-19-87)
TOKENS.DO 1152 (03-12-88)
These programs and files are used to capture and restore your data and programs after a cold start, they are a must to anybody who uses their 100 a lot!
DHEX.BA 403 (11-28-90)
Small compact program to convert from Decimal (base 10) to Hex (base 16).
DIS3.BA 6400 (07-28-89)
DIS3.DO 2560 (07-28-89)
A very nice disassembler with many options.
DISASM.BA 4537 (11-19-87)
An aide to the Machine Language programmer. It disassembles unreadable M/L into readable Assembly Language.
DISAVE.BA 6976 (05-17-89)
DISAVE.DO 11255 (10-26-89)
A good disassembler for M/L programs, opens a SAVE.DO for its output.
DISSML.BA 3732 (11-20-87)
This is the newest version of this disassembler. Input addresses are in decimal, but output is in Hex.
ERROR.DO 1370 (06-30-88)
Routines to be incorporated into Basic programs for printing error messages in plain english instead of two chars.
EXPAND.BA 2929 (11-20-87)
Expands the Model 100 BASIC statements to a form compatible with the IBM PC, Model 600, or Model 4.
GETKEY.DO 1620 (11-28-90)
Tutorial as well as a program for replacing the basic keyword INKEY$. This new routine recognizes all F-Keys as well as screening out -S and -Q. Handy for a programmers.
HEX.BA 1239 (06-30-88)
Utility converts numbers from Hex (base 16) to Decimal (base 10) and vic versa.
HEXD.BA 417 (11-28-90)
Small compact program to convert from Hex (base 16) to Decimal (base 10).
HEXFER.100 3278 (12-22-90)
HEXFER.200 4142 (12-22-90)
HEXFER.DOC 2774 (12-22-90)
Converts CO programs to Hex files and reloads the Hex files, super fast!
HISTLD.BA 1748 (11-19-87)
HISTPT.BA 2158 (11-19-87)
HIST.DO 3452 (11-19-87)
A must for the serious BASIC programmer. This set of programs is used to time and analyze BASIC programs. Using this program you can learn how to speed up your programs.
INSIDE.BA 2350 (12-02-90)
INSID1.DO 3109 (12-02-90)
INSID2.DO 2703 (12-02-90)
This program converts from Decimal to Hex and vice versa. It is a demo program for the document files on converting bases. A complete lesson in HEX (base 16) to Decimal (base 10).
JMP.BA 1192 (11-28-90)
A utility for converting 2-byte codes of JMPs, CALLS, ect. to addresses and visa versa, also reads ones in memory.
LISTER.BA 2676 (07-01-88)
LISTER.DO 639 (06-30-88)
Program produces listings of BASIC programs in a more "structured" format.
PACKER.BA 11756 (11-20-87)
This program will make your BASIC programs run quicker by packing them into fewer line numbers.
PRETTY.BA 3436 (11-20-87)
A Basic program which produces expanded pretty printed listings of other Basic programs stored in .BA form in RAM. Listings have headers and page numbers.
PROG1.BA 225 (07-01-88)
PROG2.BA 346 (07-01-88)
PROG3.BA 444 (07-01-88)
PROG4.BA 345 (07-01-88)
PROG5.BA 293 (07-01-88)
A set of programs which demonstrate several different progamming concepts.
RENUM1.BA 1097 (11-28-90)
RENUM1.DO 1089 (11-20-87)
Renumber BASIC programs.
RENUM2.BA 3715 (11-28-90)
Allows you to renumber a BASIC program.
RESEQ.100 2268 (12-03-90)
RESEQ.DO1 502 (12-04-90)
RESEQ.200 1767 (12-22-90)
RESEQ.DO2 462 (12-22-90)
Creates RENUM.CO which makes it possible to renumber program while in BASIC with a simple CALL. Start at any line number and step at any interval you choose. Super fast!
RUNSEQ.200 559 (05-20-92)
Makes RESEQ.200 easier to use, just answer the prompts.
SHRINK.BA 860 (11-20-87)
Utility program that shrinks the size of your BASIC programs.
SPACE.BA 1463 (11-30-87)
Program takes all unneeded spaces out of a program (in .DO format).
SPOUT.BA 1604 (11-19-87)
A utility program used to take the extra spaces out of a BASIC program. Compact programs run faster.
TCOMP.BA 9763 (09-17-90)
TCOMP.DO 11169 (09-17-90)
A compiler for the M100/102/200, does not contain a full set of BASIC commands.
TCOMPF.BA 3090 (09-16-90)
TCOMPF.DO 2950 (09-16-90)
A utility for TCOMP, use this to check a BASIC program before compiling it.
TRACE.BA 487 (11-20-87)
TRACE.DO 510 (11-20-87)
Program provides a statement number trace of your BASIC program. Great debugging aid to programmers.
TRON.BA 1575 (02-20-89)
TRON.DO 3538 (02-27-89)
A program line number tracing utility Note: TRON.BA creates TRON.CO.
VARLST.DO 1781 (11-20-87)
Program will display or print a list of all simple and array variables used by any other Basic program. To use, load your program then MERGE VARLST.DO.
VARPTR.BA 1478 (03-12-91)
Displays the memory location and cells for the VARPTR statement, you can enter a Integer value, Single precision value, Double precision value, or a String.
Z-REF.BA 768 (07-28-89)
A utility for preparing a RAM file created by DIS3.BA for assembly.

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