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Club 100 thanks Lizard Hill Hosting for their generous service in hosting all of the Club 100 program and documentation files (over 1 gigabyte) for the continued benefit of Model 100, 102 and 200 owners world wide. Club 100 encourages folks to choose Lizard Hill Hosting as their domain hosting service. -Rick-

Document Hosting Provided by Lizard Hill Hosting
ANTHEM.BA 2247 (07-01-88)
Plays the national anthem. Bring this one with you to the next game.
AQAIUS.BA 1371 (06-30-88)
Another tune to put a smile on your face. Plays the song "Age of Aquarius"
ARPEGE.BA 5936 (07-01-88)
Creates ARPEGE.CO -- an arpeggio organ.
BACH.BA 2914 (06-30-88)
Tune written by a famous composer.
BACH6.BA 3144 (11-20-87)
Sonata #6 in G Major.
BIGSPN.BA 2021 (06-30-88)
Plays a tune called "Big Spender."
BORNFR.BA 2368 (06-30-88)
Plays the song Born Free and lists the words as it plays the song.
BTHDAY.200 2075 (12-22-90)
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear CLUB 100 member, happy birthday to you.
BUD.BA 1664 (07-19-88)
A neat and familiar little tune.
CABARE.BA 1635 (06-30-88)
Plays the tune "Cabaret.
DIXIE.BA 1768 (07-01-88)
Plays the tune, as well as gives you words on screen.
FIVE.BA 7397 (11-19-87)
Another cute little program which includes five different tunes. These include: Emperor Waltz, Arkansas Traveler & Loure. Plus several other short tunes.
GREEN.BA 4702 (12-16-92)
Plays the tune "Ballad of the Green Berets."
GREEN2.BA 4928 (12-16-92)
Plays the tune "Ballad of the Green Barets." This version has improved realism over GREEN.BA.
GRENUP.BA 2066 (12-16-92)
Works with GREEN2.BA to wake you up in the morning to your favorite tune.
HANDEL.BA 2239 (11-19-87)
Using multivoice sound this program turns your Model 100 into a concert room by playing Bourree from "The Water Music" By Handel.
HARMNY.BA 3072 (11-20-87)
HARMNY.DO 4582 (11-20-87)
Make a song and then save it as a file. The user can then later load it back into the computer for playing.
HUNGRY.BA 2837 (07-01-88)
Plays "Hungry Like a Wolf" by Duran Duran.
IBMJAB.BA 3850 (11-20-87)
Getting in the spirit, this prgm plays a parody of the IBM song "Ever Onward". Features include the words printed on the screen as the song is being played.
ISLE.BA 724 (12-08-90)
The theme song to Gilligan's Island.
JOPLIN.BA 2669 (11-19-87)
The Entertainer theme.
LOVE-S.BA 6217 (07-01-88)
A collection of nine love songs.
LUVSNG.BA 2302 (07-01-88)
A set of love songs. Includes "What Now My Love" and "Some Where My Love."
MASH.BA 994 (11-19-87)
Another good music program, this one is the theme from the TV series, M.A.S.H.
MEDLEY.BA 3742 (07-01-88)
A medley of four different songs.
MUSIC.BA 6622 (07-02-88)
Program allows you to compose music on the piano within your model 100.
MUSIC3.BA 3853 (07-01-88)
Four different tunes: Sunrise, Sunset; Bornfree; Cabaret; and Matchmaker.
MVOICE.BA 1645 (11-19-87)
MVOICE.DO 3742 (11-19-87)
This is an example of multiple voice music demonstrating the concepts in MVOICE.DO, a tutorial file for those people who would like to write their own simulated multivoice music. It assumes an understanding of some basic music terms.
ORGAN.BA 3026 (11-20-87)
ORGAN.DO 2279 (11-20-87)
Turns your Model 100 into a usable single-voice musical instrument. Each note sounds for as long as you hold down a key. It has a range of nearly five octaves.
PIANO1.BA 1205 (06-30-88)
With this wonderful program you can change your Model 100 into a piano.
PIANO2.BA 2122 (07-01-88)
Piano program for the Model 100.
RAIDER.BA 1625 (11-19-87)
Another entertaining piece of software this one plays the theme song from the movie "Raiders Of The Lost Ark"
SHEBA.BA 620 (11-19-87)
Haunting melody from a distant land.
STAR1.BA 1298 (11-19-87)
Opening song from StarWars.
STAR2.BA 831 (11-19-87)
The "Imperial March," StarWars.
WILTEL.BA 6467 (11-19-87)
Who says your Model 100 can't compete with the other computers with fancy sound routines.
Christmas Music Collection...
CAROLS.BA 12051 (12-16-92)
Merry Christmas from your Model 100 and the people at Club 100. Choose from your choice of eight songs and murals. This program makes good use of graphics and sound routines.
CHRMAS.BA 1076 (12-16-92)
Merry Christmas. Program features graphics and scrolling displays.
HURON.BA 2607 (12-16-92)
HURON.DO 3210 (11-20-87)
HURON.DOC 1281 (12-16-92)
Amazing little program plays the Huron Christmas carol, along with displaying a scrolling picture of Christmas scenes. The graphics and sound in this program are amazing.
TWELVE.BA 3439 (12-16-92)
Celebrate the twelve days of Christmas with your Model 100. Includes everything from the Partridge in a Pear tree to the Twelve Drummers Drumming.
XMAS.BA 4786 (12-16-92)
The Model 100 and Club 100 invite you to listen to our Christmas Concert a la Model 100. This program features many different Christmas tunes.
YULE.200 2780 (12-16-92)
Play a collection of Christmas tunes or add your own.

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