Club 100

Faces -&- Names
Of fellow Model "T"ers alphabetical order (almost)

Club 100

This page is dedicated to faces and names of fellow Model 100, 102, 200 and NEC owners. I am not the only one, not the most important, and definitely not the brightest. And although I founded and own Club 100, Club 100 is the result of the dedication of lots of people, not just myself. I often say that I just sweep the floors around here. Thatís the way I feel from watching so many others do great things with Model 100 computing since 1983. And through the years what I remember most are the friendships and laughter and enthusiasm. I wish I started this page 25 years ago, but I did not. So, over the next few hundred years, I plan on playing catch up ... to reach out for faces of friends to put a name on. What a great adventure this will be. - Rick Hanson -

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Google Map of the world where some of us live.

Steve Adolph -&- Son
Ontario, Canada

Philip Avery
Wanganui, New Zealand

Jan Vanden Bossche
Leuven Belgium

Victor Boudolf, Jr.
Charleston, SC

Jim Cromer
Florissant, MO

Rick Hanson
Pleasant Hill, CA

Rick Herndon
Mathis, TX

John Hogerhuis
Fullerton, CA

Ron Hudson
Sacramento, CA

Lee Kelley
Turnesville, TX

Stan Kossen
Gran Canaria, Spain

wee-meng lee

Roger Merchberger
Sault Ste. Marie, MI

Mike Nugent
Antrim, NH

Gordon O'Toole
Lyons, Australia

Chris Osburn
Seattle, WA

Oxton & Sara
The Cat Drag'd Inn

Ken Pettit
San Diego, CA

Gary Lee Phillips
Marengo, IL

Bob Pigford
Newark, DE

R. Jim Seibert
Sequim, WA

Paul F Trebian
Glendale, WI

Fred Whitaker
Taylors, SC

John Whitton
Asheville, NC

Ron Wiesen
Cocoa, FL
Keeper of the Primordial Bit

Cocoa, FL

Howard Pepper
Palm Coast, FL

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