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The following was written in 1993 and went on the web on 11-Oct-96.
There have been some Updates... Rick

Club 100 is seriously dedicated to Model T support for another 10 years. Who would have guessed that the Model 100 laptop computer, brought to market in March 1983, would be going strong 10 years later (1993); nor will the unenlightened believe that 1983 technology will still be alive and well 20 years later. We [Club 100] believe that the Model 100 will remain an appropriate, useful, personal computing tool for yet another 10 years.

Club 100 supports the following: Model 100, 102, 200, WP-2 and NEC PC8201A. We call these computers Model T's. The "T" may stand for Tandy, but we'd rather point to a parallelism with Henry Ford's Model T car; first of a kind, still in use, and well supported. There are over 2 million Model T computers in the world with an estimated 70% still in use in 1993. That's a lot of computers!

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The technology behind the Second Decade Support System is the free to use Club 100 bulletin board support system... an online computer accessible 24 hrs/day via your computer modem over normal phone lines. Contact may be made via Internet e-mail to myself or fax, but these contact methods are good for casual things. Fax is also good for Visa/Master Card orders. However, I can not provide support by voice or letters. Due to a number of factors, voice and letter support is just not possible.

Club 100 can survive for years to come by controlling information distribution cost via the Club 100 BBS and the Whole Enchilada Series, and by in-house manufacturing on demand. This is the Second Decade structure and the key to continued support through the year 2003. Your participation by purchasing items from Club 100 on a regular basis assures our continuation in support of your Model T computing activities. At your service... -Rick-

Club 100: A Model 100 User Group
701 Charlton Drive, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

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27-Dec-04: For the first time in since 1993 I have had to adjust a few of the prices but not by much.

01-Mar-02: At last! The new web site replaced the old. The structural layout is designed to be easily expanded with a common look and feel. The home page is the index to all the sub-pages regardless of their layer bringing everything to the customer in 1 to 2 clicks, and the code has been kept very simple. With the design in place, work can continue to finally bring everything on-line for the benefit of all concerned.

12-Jul-01: Today, I uploaded the start of the new site I've been working on for awhile. Completion of the new site will take a ton of time and detail but it will be worth the effort.

Major changes to the Club 100 web site were badly needed. Way too much was still not online after 18 years, and the style still paralleled the BBS—the source of most of the data. It was time to renew the commitment. In one year, two major articles on Club 100 were published (WIRED Magazine and the San Francisco Chronicle), and a tv segment aired on TECHTV, with an article on the TECHTV web site. This brought new people into Model "T" computing and existing owners back into using their Model "T"s.

The new-to-Model "T" computing friends come from an age that did not live the golden age (circa early '80s). They know only GUI interfaces, expensive machines and a general disconnect from the pleasures and demands of early computing. And the returing-to-Model "T" computing friends need to get caught up. Thus, it is my wish to, at last, build the ultimate resource so any new and existing fellow Model "T"er may start at the beginning, like the rest of us have enjoyed for so many years.

17-Aug-98: Changes: Interest in Model "T" computing is up, and The Whole Enchilada is online, at last! Articles have been written in paper and electronic, bringing yet more people into Model "T" computing. Cosmetic changes include a new telephone area code and dropping our discussions on Excel Tel. We've dropped the Power Pillow and Cover from our product line. Everything else about the "Second Decade" program is working fine.

20-Dec-97: Four years after writing the initial idea of the "Second Decade" and one year after setting up the Club 100 web site, we are still going strong, more electronic than ever and are looking at a bright future.

Model Ts Forever!
The Original Laptop Computer . . . 1983