Club 100

Compuserve's Vintage Computing SIG
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Club 100

Fri, 26 Mar 2004:

To download this file, right click your mouse, select "Save Target As..." and direct the file to your desktop.

The Compuserve.exe file is a small VB6 executable that runs against Compuserve's Vintage Computing SIG. It will download the file information from a section at a time (Model 100 stuff is on Sections 11 and 13). You'll need the VB6 dll but most everyone has that.

There are still many files for the M100/200 etc. You can get basic info, detailed info, or download the files. By setting some keywords such as...

100 200 PDD DVI

It will download just those files which have those keywords. It's a real pain to use the web interface for all of these small files and this may make it easier.

You will need to a login for Compuserve (free) and be logged in while using this program. It should work unless they change the web pages in the future.


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