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Welcome to the oldest computer user group on the planet.

Club 100 started in Pleasant Hill, California in 1983 as a local computer user group. Club 100 is a free association of owners of Tandy/Radio Shack Laptop Computer Models 100, 102 and 200. If you own one of these computers then you are a fellow Model "T"er and honored member of Club 100. There are no dues or oblications, yet we greatly appreciate your support and goodwill.

My name is Richard Hanson. My friends call me Rick, or my nickname Zoomie. I am the founder and sole proprietor of this free association. Club 100 is a hobby I've operated since 1983.

Rotary Rules! Rick "Zoomie" is a Rotarian and member of the Clayton Valley / Concord Sunrise Rotary Club.

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Always remember. Never forget. And absolutely never forgive. Let's Roll!

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The Model 200 REX is finally a reality. Expand your Model "T" to 16! REX has been a solid player for the Model 100/102 and now it's the killer upgrade for the Model 200.

And speaking of CompLink Cables: I refuse to make any more. If you need a cable, make it yourself or ask one of our fellow Model "T"ers for our discussion list.

Happy New Year. The Model 100 came to market in March 1983, 28 years ago.

We start the year off with sad news. Roger Merchberger, the host of our Discussion List since it's start (circa late '90s) is no where to be found. We became aware of this when the list shut down late last month.

John R. Hogerhuis, Club 100 co-sysop and host of, a major on-line Model 100 resource, established a new list called Model 100 Discussion. The link is:

We all pray that Merch and family are okay and hope to hear from him soon. In any case, by establishing the new list, we have removed the burden of hosting the list cause it is not a paid gig.

Club business continues to hum along, albeit far from what it used to be. I am still involved in reconditioning Model 100s and 102s. NADSBox and Rex are the #1 accessories, and I will add that in this day and age of the Blackberry and i-things, NADSBox and Rex allow Model "T" owners to hold their own in a special way not available to the i-things.

Today I made a few changes. Gone are the ROMware products. The best of them, TS-DOS is included in both the NADSBox and Rex making their use extraordinary. And lastly, I have decided that the theme of the 2011 programming contest is "Dedicated to Music."

Congratulations to the winner of our 27th Annual Programming Contest, Ron Wiesen, Cocoa, FL for his program Sun Compass. Not only an amazing program but his documentation and execution is flawless. Ron's quality is so far a cut above the rest that one must wonder if he also walks on water! I've known RON for over 20 years via Club 100. Ron is fun, as well as talented! Congratulations, Ron.

Today was a biggie for Club 100 sales. Club 100 no longer directly processes credit cards. After over 30 years of having merchant services through my bank I canceled the service. The merchant service company wants just to much money. The good news is that Paypal offers payments of Paypal Invoices by most major credit cards. Thus, when someone wants to order something from Club 100 and pay by credit card, I simply send a Paypal Invoice and they may choose to use whatever they wish to pay the invoice.

Thanks to the efforts of John Hogerhuis, Fullerton, CA, we took a big step forward in adding more empowerment to the Club 100 site. As you may know, we run programming contests. And the objective was to make it possible for folks to comment on the offerings. John just finished up a script that allows for that action. My job was to lean the script details for laying up the contest entries. I did this using the 2004 contest. And although that contest is past and the winner was chosen, folks may post comments, and thus re-live the adventure.

Soon, as in March of this year, the new contest ends and the participants offerings will be posted for comment and selection of a winner. This new system will afford that level of participation, thus adding yet more value and fun for our members.

The time has come to get rid of all the TPDDs and TPDD2s and related accessories, except for the replacement belt. Once again I have spent way too much time with no results I can count on. So that's it for the Tandy drives. The only drive that will be supported is the NADSBox, proven to be a winner.

And speaking of getting rid of stuff. I have tons of cases and motherboards and accessories that are just cluttering up the warehouse. All of this old stuff has to go. I intend to put it all up at ebay and what does not sell gets dumped.

This has to be the year to slim down the clutter.

It's 2010 and Club 100 is still here. Long gone are the tightly focused Model 100 publications like Portable 100 Magazine, PCM and Pico, and services like Compuserve. We honor that which was and say thank you to all whom participated. What remains is Club 100 but what is Club 100? Is it me? No. It is you. I'm serious. My part is strictly as a cheerleader. I'll grab my pom-poms, put on my poodle skirt (…hey, back off, that's a metaphor, okay?) and jump and shout for all of you who take the time to focus and share. I'm truly excited about you.

Coming up for 2010 is an annual programming contest. It starts each year after the last one ends and ends a year later in March of each year. Why March? The Model 100 was introduced to the world in March of 1983. It's a simple concept that celebrates individual initiative, leadership and the spirit of sharing that are the cornerstones of Model "T" computing. And even if one does not or can not participate with a program offering, they are still involved in following the chat and appreciating, even in silence, that they are tuned into something greater than themselves, and as such help to support and promote something special in this world.

Happy New Year for 2010. May the force be with you. Model "T"s forever.

The 2009 Programming Contest was announced today ... we'll see what happens.

I just installed a new feature called New Stuff … and it blinks! Beyond the amazing, product of the year, NADSBox is a brand new item for Model 200 users. For years, 24K RAM expansion bank modules where not available. Every Model 200 can accommodate 2, 24K modules if they were available. Now, both 24K RAM banks are rolled into one module and offered for $20 less than buying 2, 24K RAM modules. See Catalog for details.

On Feb 16th I had 5 inches of colon removed, followed by a month recovery, followed by a chemo program that will continue to September. Such is life. Just keep moving forward, that's what I say. So you may say I am still full of s**t but not as much by five inches! (that's a joke!)

The shopping card thing from my last post was a dude. Shopping Cart Creator by CoffeeCup software was NOT ready for prime time. It lacked some really basic features rendering it useless. My plans -- before the cancer ordeal -- was to resort to using the free paypal buttons systems and set up my own cart. It's easy enough. Just takes time. That project is still on my todo list.

And speaking of NADSBox - what a terrific product that is. We now have over 100 adopters / supporters. The really good news is that the second batch is large enough to have units on the shelf, ready to ship. No more waiting list. And, Ken (Ken Pettit, the inventor and manufacturer) has set in place inventory funds for replacement production runs. NADSBox is now a solid product with a stable supply chain. WOW!!

Today I had my first colonoscopy. They didn't get to far before they found this large thing. In a few weeks the biopsy will be back from the lab and an operation will be scheduled. That's the down side. The up side were the nurses in the treatment room. We all had a good laugh and I think they liked my butt. That was fun.

At Club 100 I am now in the process of putting a real live shopping cart, using Shopping Cart Creator by It supports Paypal and my Paypal account is a back bone of order processing around here ... it makes it easy for everyone since I have a premier account and thus can accespt all forms of payment through the Paypal system. Very nice.

With the roll out of the first batch of NADSBoxes, and the second batch on the way, I am now reevaluating the Club 100 product mix. Sure, this is a hobby business but it still has expenses. My plan is to have more than one Order Form. One for those in-stock items and one for the extra where-is as-is items that come into the shop.

Happy New Year from Club 100, the worlds oldest, full-service users group on the planet! And yeah ... we can say that because we are ... #1. But why?

The wealth of Club 100 ... that element that keeps us alive and well and growing after 25 years is ... US! All the fellow Model "T"ers worldwide, who continue to use their Modela "T"s, share their knowledge and skills, and help each other via our Discussion List are the power behind our being.

Okay, yeah ... me too, but hey, I just sweep the floors around here. My Model "T" friends, and their Model "T" friends, worldwide, do all the heavy lifting. They bring not only their knowledge, skills and overwhelmingly unselfish kindness, but they upload the programming and the documentation and the how-tos to this site and to their personal sites. The combined effort of many fellow Model "T"ers worldwide keep us current and strong. Also, there will come a time when I have to move on (as we all do ... I'm 60 now) but Club 100 will live on via pre-arranged agreements with the host provider, the domain name supplier and the co-sysops that manage this domain. Is that cool, or what?

If you are reading this and also own, or wish to own, a Tandy / Radio Shack Model 100, 102 or 200, or WP-2 or NEC PC8201a or 8300, or even an Olivitti M10, or Kyo 85, you are warmly welcome. Club 100 is your support center, and the support comes to you by way of what you find, what you give, and how you participate. And once again, you will do well to belong... join the list. Because YOU are Club 100. -Rick-

NADSBox ships. The first batch of 40 NADSBoxes are on their way to 40 historically significant fellow Model "T"ers. On the list are: Developer, Ken Pettit, followed by beta testers, Steve Adolph, John Hogerhuis and Rick Hanson.

The first adoptors are: Bill Bryson, Rob Scrimgeour, Bob Pigford, Fred Whitaker, David Searle, Terry Laraway, Justin Bishop, Russ Oechslin, Gary Phillips, Johan de Jonge, Jonathan Rose, John Stewart Socha, Brian Brindle, Michael Gomez, Gordon O'Toole, Philip Avery, Roger Schmidt, Miles Willmek, Christopher Feeney, Lee Kelley, Gary Nye, Edward Rogers, David Rogers, Lionel Schmitt-Zenss, Jay Gallagher, Nathan Boyd, Doug Stump, Roger Merchberger, Ron Wiesen, Michael Wolfe, Brad Hampel, Daryl Tester, Keith Johnson, John Schuster, Joe Crumpton, Don Mankin, Bruce Herman, Gene Corrigan, Wade Palmer and David Doll.

In total, this is the 'team' who ushered in the 3rd Decade of the Model 100. From this point back we will refer to as the Dark Ages (Mar/1983 - Nov/2008) which includes the Golden Age (1983 - 1993). This day forward, spirited by the cross platform NADSBox, will be knowned forever more as the Enlightened Age of Model "T" computing. So we say, long live the king, Ken Pettit, the guru of the NADSBox and forever more let us all play with Ken's NADS... boxes.

If you, who are reading this post use a Model 100, 102 or 200 and do not yet own a NADSBox, you are in the dark ages. We invite you to join us in the age of enlightment, the 3rd decade or Model "T" computing ... the age of the king. Buy a NDASBox and enjoy ... Model "T"s forever. -Rick-

The NADSBoxes are in route to Club 100 as I write this. Over 40 pre-sales await delivery. The pre-labeled shipping boxes await their contents. I will meet with Ken for the first time. We will do lunch as his 6 year commitment is finally appreciated by so many. One has to pause and consider this involvement. Six years, 1/2 million lines of code, testing-tweaking-testing-tweaking over and over again and all the while holding down a demanding career and personal life. Living in two countries. What drives men like this? And then I must ask, what drives you and I? These are exciting times for our association. If you do not have a NADSBox, buy one. Trust me ... it's incredible.

Ken Pettit's NADSBox is almost here. I, and a few others, have had beta units for awhile now. Some refinements have been made but the basic units are sound and solid. Ken emailed me from china the other day -- he lives/works there and maintains a place in San Diego. He said that he has 42 boards ready and was going to ship all the units to me when he flies back to SD mid-Nov. Reasons: 1) To mate the cases in SD to the boards that he'll hand carry from china, and 2) Shipping to and from China is way too expensive ... one of the reason I'm involved. I can ship worldwide for 1/50th the cost then shipping from China. Once the initial batch of NADSBoxes are here at Club 100, Ken and I have it all set for production runs on boards and cases, etc. to come directly to Club 100. I would do the final assembly and then do the order processing and fulfillment. Let me tell you ... keeping details high and costs low are the keys to this venture.

The intro price for a NADSBox is $150 + $10 pack 'n ship worldwide. Also, any additional units and/or Club 100 items will not effect the price of shipping ... just $10! WOW! On 1/1/09 the price for a NADSBox goes to full retail, $195.00.

And yet another new item in the final stages of development ... something I have wished for, for years: A replacement for the TPDD/TPDD2 disk drives. How about a card drive? Called the NADSBox. Developped by Ken Pettit. Plug the solid-state NADSBox into your Model 100, 102 or 200, it comes with a memory card, then use any of the Model "T" DOSes to access the card drive just like you would a TPDD/TPDD2. And then ... plug the card drive, or just the card, into your PC ... and BINGO ... it looks like a drive to the PC ... transfer files! With this one device, we eliminate the lack of dependable large storage AND make file transfers easy. No more wires. No fuss. It just works! So stay tuned ... I am working with Ken on this and will announce it's availability as soon as it is soup ... as they say.

Been doing some file clean up lately so don't panic...

New stuff is a coming. You will soon hear about REX, a plug'n play option ROM board that provides a gigabyte of RAM for Model 100, 102 and soon to be Model 200 computers. REX, invented by Steve Adolph in Canada, is the most important development in Model "T" computing today. Rumor has it that Steve and I will work together so that Club 100 will be the sales and support point.

Names -&- Faces and Co-Sysops are two new features here at Club 100. The pages speak for themselves ... well, they don't actually speak ... you got'a read'um ... but you get the idea.

TPDD and TPDD2 reconditioning is a big deal now that replacement belts are available. There's a few other issues in the drives during the process but for the most part, most all TPDDs and TPDD2s can be reconditioned for about $50. That's a good deal.

Been thinking about Club 100 in 2008. In March 2008, the Model 100 computer and Club 100 will be 25 years old. You know, twenty-five is not a big deal as a round number except in the human mind. For us, anything that lasts twenty-five years in the electronics world is... well... pretty special. I am not sure just how we, as a group of Model "T" enthusiasts, will recognize this birthday. Let’s think about it for awhile.

At long last, I can now repair the Tandy Portable Disk Drive and Drive 2 and have been doing such for a couple of weeks -- getting caught up with years of back-logs of drives I could not totally recondition and repair. So, for the first time at Club 100 I now offer fully reconditioned disk drives. You will find them in the catalog and in the order form. While supplies last, of course.

The BBS is now off-line. The last support for its expense has gone bye bye, there's no need for it to be, so that's that. You know, it's been awhile. I started the bulletin board in 1979, dedicated it to the 40 character line, 8 line display in 1983 and it's been in service all that time. Once a major source of use by fellow Model "T"ers, it thrived with activity on four lines. About 15 years ago it went to 1 line and now it is shut off. It was a nice run with good times and lots of wonderful stroies but that was then and now is now.

A number of changes were made to the catalog and order form today. Most all of the changes had to do with available inventory, such as AC adaptors, Pristine Model 100s and Model 102s and Model 200 RAM modules. All these are not available at this time. Of course, you can always ask. I receive items for inventory weekly.

In an effort to reduce my inventory and collection of all things Model 100, I have planned a number of special give-aways and sales. I will present a special page listing everything that will be given away. The for sale items will be placed on eBay for the most exposure and fairness. It is my hope to reduce my "stuff" by 50% or more.

As usual, some time has gone by since my last update, but that's okay. The real action at Club 100 is in the discussion group. Daily talk about using your Model 100, 102 and 200 continue. I highly advise joining the group ... it's free ... and see what's going on. And, if you have a question, regardless of how dumb or simple you think your question is, ask it. You will be surprised how wonderfully support fellow Model "T"ers are. Everyone get respect ... and gets there questions addressed. It's great. You can find out about the discussion list on the home page here at Club 100.

Shortly after my last posting in Aug/05, I had a heart attack and now have a stint. Actually, everything went well and I am better for the experience ... more energy. But that is not the best news. Shortly after my Mar/05 posting, a project I had been playing with for a few years finally took off, and in Jan/06 was completed ... years before expected.

Some of you know that I have a passion well outside the Model 100 arena. My passion is building hot rods and custom cars. TOON T, built in '92 and LAPTOP completed in '90 were both used in Model 100 ads and promotionals. And now I have Black Widow 2. <<<--- this link tells the story.

And speaking of Model 100's, 102's and 200's, due to my above-stated passion, Club 100 took a back burner. Except for staying on top of orders and on-line documentation developments, nothing else happened. This year ('06) will once again bring new developments and opportunities.

Better late than never ... I finally uploaded the best version of our famous dl-arc.exe file (The Hot Set-Up), a self-deARCing exe file. The update contains the latest version of teeny.exe and teenydoc.txt by Ron Wiesen—who also keeps the Model T Radio Amateur list up to date. And speaking of Ron: Of all the fellow Model "T"ers around the world, Ron Wiesen, Cocoa, FL, is at the very top of the support list.

I first met Ron via the Club 100 BBS in January 1992. Since the beginning, over 13 1/2 years ago as of this writing, Ron has helped fellow Model "T"ers world wide. And it was Ron who developed the teeny program—a key feature of The HOT Set-Up, along with desklink—that has helped thousands of fellow Model "T"ers use their PC as a storage system for their Model "T" files. Let us all thank Ron for his service above self. And if you are a subscriber to the Club 100 discussion list, you will often see Ron sharing his knowledge with fellow Model "T"ers, woldwide. So upon reading this note, please email Ron at and thank him, personally. Club 100 would not be the same if it was not for Ron Wiesen. Thank you, my friend.

Yep! Three months into 2005 and finally something to talk about. I recently worked on adding and deleting items from the Club 100 catalog and order form. And at last, all documentation is available on-line--with a few still in the works as of this writing. I think you will like the new offerings. Model "T"s Forever!

It's almost 2005, the start of yet another wonderful year for Model "T" computing. For instance, I have even more stock of Model 100s and 102s due to a current buy-out of all the Model 100s and 102s from a national retail chain. They used the Model "T"s for years for communicating to the main office. What this means to you is ... availability of computers and parts.

I feel that it is time for me to, once again, reflect on the fundamental values of the Model 100, 102 and 200 (and I'm not leaving out the NEC PC8201a, and the Olivetti M10, etc.) computers and those who use them. I have said this many times before but I will say this again: These machines have no inherent value. All of the value, indeed the wealth, is vested in the individuals who use these machines.

The Model "T" computer family offer design and functionality issues we enjoy but there is something about how these issues attract and inspire us. The only words that sum it up are friendly, inventive, practical and engaging. These words and the image and ideas they conjure up can be applied to no other computer series or the individuals who use them. So, to my friends I say "You are special. It is an honor to serve you, and to this end I will continue until my end."

Model "T"s forever! -Rick-

At last, I have completed yet another item on my todo list. And this one is long overdue. Thanks to a reminder from my good friend, Dr. Richard Littman, Dept of Psychology, University of Oregon, a fellow Model "T"er, and with some spare time on my hands, I wrote a photo-tutorial on how to add RAM to a Model 100. You will find this fantastic tutorial in the "Support Files" category of the Library. Let me add that adding RAM to a Model 102 or 200 is by far not as complex as it is to add RAM to a Model 100. Thus, I see no reason to write a similar tutorial for the Model 102 or 200, unless of course, someone bugs me to do so ... such is my lot in life! :-)

These last three months have been kind of quiet, except for our discussion list. The Portable 100 Magazine CD set is a success, and reports from fellow Model "T"ers worldwide have been absolutely positive. And on yet, another positive note, several new-2-Model "T" computing people either purchased a Model 102 or 100 from me or from ebay, or received one from somewhere, and only now are enjoying the this style of computing. And last but not least, "The HOT Set-up" continues to be the #1 application, i.e., moving files from a Model 100, 102, or 200 to a PC. Some things never change.

At last! The Portable 100 Magazine 2, CD Set is ready. Within these two CDs resides digital copies of the magazine that chronicled the history of the Tandy/Radio Shack Model 100, 102 and 200 There has never been, nor will there ever be, a more significant computer series. A special thanks goes to Professor Charles Good, Venedocia, OH, for scanning the entire collection of Portable 100 Magazines in the winter 2002/2003 for the benefit of all concerned. Now all Model 100/102/200 owners, world wide, can relive the golden age of Model 100 computing. And the price is right ... just $30.00!

Just when you thought we had everything on-line, along comes more stuff. This evening you will find a new library entry entitled "Support Files." This new entry was prompted by Club 100 member and good friend, Dave Rovner, Narberth, PA. Dave read a note by member Seith Kimmel, Las Vegas, NV, that he thought I had copied the Ultimate ROM II files from tape onto disk. This is not true cause I did not have to copy the files. Traveling Software, the originators of the Ultimate ROM II, used to include a TPDD formatted disk of support files with their URII ROM. And, the files were either for the Mdoel 100/102 or the Model 200, i.e., they included the M100/102 disk of support files with the URII 100/102 ROM and the m200 disk of support files with the URII 200 ROM.

Well, that was then and now is now, and now you can download a self-deARCing .exe file of either the Model 100 or Model 200 URII support files. And, now that we have a new library category, I will set about the task of including other support files over time. So, there you go. Something new, 20+ years after the birth of the Model 100. The fun never ends.

Evey contest must have a winner. The popular vote went to MIKE WARNS for his program WORTHY.BA. Congratulations, Mike!

I had a ton of fun with this contest, and by the email traffic on the m100 list, so did a lot of folks. The big winners are those who participated by either entering a program or casting their opinion; their vote. I also believe that there are even more winners. These include those that just watched because it made them feel good, or for some other positive reason. And just think of all those who will come along and see that there was a contest where everyone won something, as well as a grand prize winner. You know, everyone is a winner in my book. Frankly, if you breath air, you are a winner! Wouldn't it be nifty if "everyone living is a winner" was the attitude in our world? WOW ... now wouldn't that be cool!?

Just when you thought you've seen it all, done it all, along comes a challenge; a PROGRAMMING CONTEST! Oh my! In the 20+ year history of Model 100 computing and Club 100 there has never been a programming contest. Can you believe that? Why the heck didn't someone--like me--think of that a lot earlier. Let me tell you, this contest idea will put wind in our sails. The first contest theme is "the Club 100 blood initiation ceremony." What the heck does that mean? Who cares! It will be fresh. There are no blood initiation programs on the market today, and certinly nothing like this in the multi-thousand program library at Club 100 or elsewhere. So, come on! Think out of the box ... ah, heck, burn the damn box! The world needs a "blood initiation" program, and it is going to get some. One creative progammer will win a 32K Model 102, and all honest entries get a product of their choice from the Club 100 Catalog. Wow, what a concept: Everyone Wins!

I no longer have a separate fax line. With very few exception, the only faxes I received these days are unwanted junk faxes. There is no reason to pay $13.92 a month, plus electricity, plus paper and ink-roles, just to receive junk faxes. The fax line is gone.

At last ... we finally have some "pristine" Model 102's in stock. These are rare and valuable. See the Catalog for details.

It's been kind of quiet around here except for cleaning out the warehoue by selling Model "T" stuff on ebay.

I'm tweeking the web site today with a java script for closing windows. I've also finally added a Model 100, 102, 200 Differences page and will add photos shortly. This is something I have been meaning to do for a very long time but keep forgetting about when I have the time.

There's a trend happening. People are buying Model 100, 102 and 200 computers on ebay, or elsewhere and joining the ranks of fellow Model "T" computer users. Many of these people are discovering that something is broken on their retro computer. And often the computer won't even turn on. A common problem is a dead NiCD battery. The internal NiCD battery is soldered to the motherboard. It must read 3.5 volts. If not, the computer will not turn on. At Club 100 I change out NiCD batteries every day of the week and thus I buy these batteries in bulk from a local parts house--no, not Rat Shack!! To help the cause, I placed replacement NiCD batteries in the Club 100 catalog and order form for $4.50 each. Now you can get the right NiCD battery for your Model "T" computer.

It had to happen. My bench-rate had to go up from $47.50/hr to $50/hr ... a wopping $2.50 increase in 10 years. Inflation is really getting out of hand.

Thanks to persistent prodding by Club 100 member, Hank Riley, I finally copied all the EME Systems Product Support Files from the BBS into the Library for ftp access. Thanks Hank. Sorry it took me so long to get this task accomplished.

The big job is done. Professor Charles Good of OH finished scanning all the issues of Portable 100 Magazine from September 1983 through November 1992. It's all on-line at 12MB to 15MB per issue!!!

The next project is to create a CD so folks don't have to spend the next 20 years downloading 840MB worth of .pdf files. But, do the math: 840MB will not fit onto one 640MB CD. The CD will have to be two CDs. And of course, the cost of the CD set will be based on the time it takes to burn the CDs plus shipping, not the value of the information on the CDs.

A project still in progress is Howard Peppers work on building a PERL script driven member managed upload feature for sharing programs, etc. The script for displaying "member uploads" is already in place, as is the management script for me. Hopefully Howard will get everything finished soon.

Lucky Friday the 13th of December, 2002. Ooooo!
This is a wonderful day—a day that marks major changes at Club 100; yet again. As of this morning, all of the program and most all of the documentation files, are now hosted by Lizard Hill Hosting. Our relationship with Lizard Hill Hosting allows us to provide all the Portable 100 magazines, and more, on-line for you, for free access.

If you've been following the progress, you will note that all the Portable 100 1984 issues are now on-line. Member, Charles Good of Ohio, is now scanning the 1985 issues. Portable 100 Magazine continued through 1992. Over time, all of the issues from 1983 through the end in 1992 will be on-line for your use.

Coming Soon... once all the Portable 100 magazine issues are on-line, Club 100 will provide a CD containing all of the documentation and all of the programming currently on-line. The price will be low!!

Club has discontinued the relationship with Quickpad. We no longer sell or support the Quickpad Pro, and let me say, it feels nice to not have to deal with that company anymore.

At Last! ... the very big project of scanning all the old Portable 100 Magazines has started, thanks to the kindness of member, professor Charles Good of Ohio. The first 4 issues complised of the premier issue and those for 1983 are online in the Library feature, Documentation category. The .pdf files are kind of large at 12M+ each. I will play with compressions and/or consider making them .zip files. In any case, when the scanning is complete, the collection will be made available on CD for a nominal fee to help off-set the extra cost for file storage on the server. Please remember that all these files take up space on a server and that space is rented by the byte, paid monthly.

Looks like Model "T" to PC connection under the new Windows XP is still supported. I just received an email from Club 100 member, Marc DeMartini. He writes, "Rick, I am pleased to report, certainly not the first to report, that Desklink works just fine in WinXP. My M100s trundle on."

More documentation on-line at last, thanks to professor Charles Good of Ohio. The first new docs are for the Model 200. The Model 200 came with five separate books. Three are on-line as of today. The other two will soon join them, along with even more surprises.

We had a rare event. Our discussion support list, supported by Roger Merchberger was down for a short while Roger was moving the servers. During this period, I spoke to Roger about offered back up lists. His would be the primary, as it has been for many years, but then there will be a 2nd, and maybe even a 3rd. Based on this plan, I created a 2nd support list at yahoogroups. So now we have two support lists. A 3rd is on its way, however please take note that the separate lists do not share messages for obvious reasons having everything to do with endless loop message bouncing between lists.

I cleaned up the ForSale, Wanted and GuestBook listings this evening. Tell me, please: what is it with people who can not read? I dumped a number of ForSale ads from the Wanted listings, including some ForSale Ads in the GuestBook. I also deleted all the commercial advertising. And last but not least, I reversed the order of the three listing areas from Wanted, ForSale, GuestBook to ForSale, Wanted, GuestBook. Maybe that will help cut down on the ForSale ads in the Wanted listings. But you know, having been on-line as a host provider in a customer support role for over 20 years, I've seen my share of stuff!!!

More information was posted in the ROMware category of our Library. Some of this information was compiled by Dr Phil Wheeler. I called Phil and ask his permission to post his work. He said, "I believe I gave you full permission several times before, but thanks for asking. Yes. You may post all of my Model 100 files." Thanks Phil. I just wanted to make sure. So there you go, folks. That's the right way to do it.

The MOMBO is real! No, not the dance... the new option rom EPROM on an adaptor board used to hold ROMware.

The story goes: over 10 years ago, upon acquiring the Traveling Software ROMware rights, Club 100 needed an adaptor board that would remap the pins of a 27C256 EPROM to the pins of the Molex Option ROM port of a Model 100, 102 and 200. At that time, EME Systems in Berkeley, CA, made a flexible circuit board for this purpose, called the ROMBO. Club 100 used ROMBOs exclusively until one day EME Systems could no longer produce them. Seeing the writing on the wall, I had a pow wow with Dr. Tracy Allen, owner of EME Systems, and a good friend. Tracy started work on a replacement to the ROMBO. That replacement is called the MOMBO. EME Systems builds MOMBOs exclusively for Club 100 use, both as the carrier for its ROMware products and for sale to those who wish to burn their own ROMware.

And speaking of burning your own ROMware: with the release of the MOMBO, I decided to make all the Club 100 ROMware images available for those wishing to explore ROMware burning for fun and profit. A new "ROMware" category was added to the Library this week. The Model "T" computing adventure continues at Club 100.

Price reduction on the QP Pro! This is good news for you ... not so good for me. I went over to the competition, Dell and TigerDirect to check out their prices on the PRO w/USB/IR/Case. Dell is offering it for $319 and Tiger Direct has it priced at $299. Given the SRP at $329, I was 5% less at $312 and now I went to 9.5% at $297.75. That leaves me a grand total of $28.75 profit. This kind of sucks, big time, unless I get orders for multiple purchases. So far, that has not been the case. I'm selling just one unit at a time. You know, it's been a little short of two months since we took on this product line and I've sold a total of three units. Do the math, folks. As I have written many times before: there is no profit in hardware. I can't wait to see what Dell and especially Tiger Direct does now. The adventure continues.

The BIG NEWS is the use of a Secure Socket Layer for on-line ordering. And before you say, "It's about time!" I'd like to state the truth. Until lately, there has been little to no reason to use SSL. With all due respect, I'm not a newbie to eBusiness, having started on-line as a host operator in the late '70s with on-line ordering since the early '80s—a good 10+ years before the Internet went public and the invention of the web (DNS servers). My point is not to brag but to call to your attention the fact that I make decisions based on experience and facts. And in all these years, none of my customers have ever had a problem by ordering on-line from Club 100. If anything, it is "I" who have had a few problems from customers who issue charge backs. Thus, it is not the customers who have been hit, but rather the merchants. Fortunately, I am so small and my customers are so dedicated that my problems have been few and minor. And with the pervious high cost of using a SSL server, the cost was not reasonable.

So why the SSL now? Because its time has come. There are three main reasons why I now use an SSL server:

  1. Customers are concerned, and rightfully so. The on-line world is not as safe as it once was. And you, as customers, experssed concerns that I was not using a secure server. By not using a SSL server I was giving the wrong impression for the time inwhich we live. I was behind the times.

  2. SSL is easy and free now—offered at no extra charge by most host providers. Thus, to not use the free SSL would be dumb. I try not to be dumb. Ignorant, yes. Dumb, no. However, the catch to using the "free" SSL is to use the host providers "generic" SSL vs. having one dedicated just to Club 100. The down side is that a warrning message will come up that indicates that the SSL used is not the same as the calling domain. In other words, the ssl is by ECIS not by Club 100. Will this be a problem? I hope not. We'll just have to do it and see what happens.

  3. My merchant services (i.e., the service my bank offers to provide visa and master card order taking) now requires the use of a SSL for all on-line order processing. If a SSL is not installed, the fine is from $1,000 to $10,000 per application. Ouch! I cannot afford that. Club 100 is a small, one guy, low-buck operation.

The Library page was added to the QP Pro group. The first items in the page are either a link to a support page at, or link to a .zip file at, or a file we carry at our site. Now that the page is in place and the existing support files linked, I now have a place to add programming and documentation files. So, as you find items that run on a QP Pro, or if you write or find a support file, send it to me so I may add it to the library.

The new user group is coming along nicely. A few people have already taken advantage of our discount pricing. We've started out with a 5% discount on single unit sales.

The BIG NEWS is the launching of special auctions at eBay, starting with 100 QuickPAD Pro USB IRs at $310 plus $1 shipping. These normally retail for $329 with $9 shipping. The savings are well beyond just 5% off retail.

The best way to keep track of these and other Club 100 auctions at eBay is to book mark this link: My eBay Auctions

Today is the day Club 100 starts its support for a new model "T" computer, the Pro by QuickPAD. And to make it right for all concerned, Club 100 will provide a discount on QuickPAD Pro computers and accessories purchased through Club 100. Trust me, unless some company wants to give these away, you will not be able to purchase a QuickPAD Pro or accessories for any less, anywhere at any time. And what is the current discount? Since it will depend on what and how many, I've created a get-quote form.

Since it's only been this week that we've started, you will note that support files are sparce right now except for a set of QuickPAD Forsale, Wanted and GuestBook do-it-yourself features. These three features have been extremely valuable for Model 100 members for many, many years, so I know that QuickPAD users will profit from their own set as well.

A discussion group is being fleshed out on Yahoo and will be up and running soon. From there, we need to start filling in the supporting files and documentaries for the QuickPAD Pro Power Users Group. This will take time but will grow into a valuable support resource for the benefit of all concerned, just like the support files for the Model 100 Users Group.

And last but not least, allow me to present a picture of opportunity for those of you who recall how it was, 20 years ago during the golden age of personal computing. Back then, personal computers were so new that talanted individuals cashed in on the add-ons and custom programs for the new machines. Working out of their kitchen, many an innovated person invented a program or device and sold it in baggies to an egar market. This was back before the large computer stores and corporations. It was a time when one person--maybe you--could do something nifty and get paid for it.

Oh and did you hear the latest news that Tandy Corp. is interested in taking on the QuickPAD line? Hello! Are you listening? Come on... think about it, my friends. Oportunities around the QuickPAD Pro are brand new. They are now and where are you?

The biggest news in 20 years of Club 100 is the addition of another laptop computer to its support line. Club 100 is now the user group support for QuickPad Pro. We have just started to please be patent. It will take tons of work and lots of time to build the support files and features necessary to do a good job.

I added two files to the Documentation category of the Library. These are a Model 100 Quick Reference Booklet in .pdf format, and a complete WP-2 Owners Manual thanks to P. Kirk Visscher

And a big thanks to syndicated journalist, David Plotnikoff of the San Jose Mercury News for his story about using a Model 100 as a newspaper writer and for the nice photos, mention and links to Club 100 which appeared in the paper version--as of this writing--and not the on-line version. I will go fetch a paper and transfer all that into our club copy of David's article. Thank you, David. Your support and goodwill are greatly apprecaited.

I finally got around to updating both the catalog and order form. Some new items were added and a few old items returned. It would be a good idea to take a look at the changes. And as always, should you find an error please report it to me. I make lots of errors! Okay?

One of the many projects on my list is to empty the warehouse of items people can use and enjoy. To this end I've started an Odds 'n Ends page with a special order form page. I've also started this what's new page to keep everyone informed.

This is the first entry. The new web site replaced the old web site that was ported to the internet in the early '90s, built entirely with files from our BBS that started in 1983.

Model Ts Forever!
The Original Laptop Computer . . . 1983