Club 100: A Model 100 User Group
P.O. Box 23438, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523-0438, (925)932-8956,

Thank you for purchasing Ken Pettit's portable-storage accessory for the Model "T" community ... Model 100, 102, 200, NEC PC8201a/8300 and the WP-2. In short, NADSBox was designed to facilitate two most-requested needs, 1) large portable storage, and 2) easy file transfers between computers. Twenty five years after the introduction of the Model 100 computer (March 1983) with nearly six millions units sold and used worldwide, NADSBox provides the necessary features to assure continued use of these revolutionary machines. Three cheers for Ken. Thank you... -Rick-

Files on this storage card shipped with the NADSBox:

nadsboxusersguide_v102.pdf - the latest version of the User Guide as of 11-24-08. Please note that this UG file is always being worked on and as such change is constant. This file and all other NADSBox related files and support information will be maintaned at
LOADER.DO - used with the 'boot' command
BOOTST.DO - used with the 'boot' command
DOS100.CO - tsdos for the Model 100/102
DOS200.CO - tsdos for the Model 200
DOSNEC.CO - tsdos for the NEC PC8201A
NADSLD.BA - used to test the Serial Recover feature ... as listed in the User Guide
SAM100.BA - disk-based database via tsdos (see tsdos docs) ... Model 100/102
SAM200.BA - dido ... Model 200
SAMNEC.BA - dido ... NEC PC-8201A