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patch_base_M10 - V2.asm
here is the updated V2 source file for building the ROM directly
209.17 Kb
08.12.2018 14:01
Download 24
recommend using this version - patch added to fix cold restart key sequence
32 Kb
08.12.2018 14:00
Download 21
This is the patch source ASM file used to build the ROM. If you want a different keyboard to be supported, you'd want to modify this file and rebuild the ROM using TASM or similar assembler.
208.8 Kb
08.12.2018 02:28
Download 24
This is a MAIN ROM for Olivetti M10. It is based on the T102 Main ROM. * this includes Y2K patch * this should enable compatibility with M100 Option ROMs and REX It is lightly tested. Please let me know if you find bugs.
32 Kb
08.12.2018 02:27
Download 66
This is the tokenized BASIC statements of the Inductor LoadeD RADiator (ILDRAD) program.
2.71 Kb
02.11.2018 12:10
Download 67
Textual equivalent BASIC program of Inductance Loaded Radiator -- an antenna modeling program for the M10x laptop
2.94 Kb
02.11.2018 11:52
Download 68
Documentation of Inductance Loaded Radiator -- an antenna modeling program for the M10x laptop
15.09 Kb
02.11.2018 11:49
Download 142
Instructions for setting your time with NIST.BA and adjusting it with TZONE.BA
2.56 Kb
01.11.2018 06:28
Download 115
Long jump game entry for BASIC 10 Liners contest
680 b
13.09.2018 16:16
Download 248
Single Frequency Blue Box program.
403 b
11.09.2018 22:39

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