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Side 2 of the Super ROM adapter board
660.5 Kb
13.09.2017 00:50
Download 12
Side 1 of the Super ROM adapter board
768.59 Kb
13.09.2017 00:49
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This is an image of the Sardine Dictionary. Originally this was a TPDD1 disk which had a 100k dictionary on it. It still only has 100k of data but it has been converted so you can create an image of it on a TPDD2. This will NOT work on a TPDD1.
201.09 Kb
02.09.2017 14:19
Download 16
mComm 1.91 A Telcom/TPDD server for transferring files to and from your model-t. The updated ram versions of ts-dos are included in the install along with sardine for the T200. If you have the Sardine rom mComm will also act as the Sardine dictionary disk. This version has a telnet/SSH clients and a simple file viewer.
449.04 Kb
01.09.2017 00:37
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This is beta version 0.7 of TPDD Client. It's a little utility that will allow you to pull data directly from your TPDD2 into your Windows PC. It will also allow you to make an image of a disk and send it via email to another user. This is helpful for those that don't have the original Utility disk for the TPDD2. You need .net 3.5 loaded. Most versions of Windows since XP have this already installed.
310 Kb
31.08.2017 11:23
Download 25
TPDD2-Sector Access.txt
This file attempts to document the TPDD2 sector access protocol. It's still a work in progress
4.61 Kb
25.08.2017 01:32
Download 10
Lastest and greatest M100.DEF for asm80 and ZMAC. Updated comments
29.93 Kb
23.08.2017 12:50
Download 12
M100.DEF and macros for ASX. Updated comments
25.5 Kb
23.08.2017 12:49
Download 11
m100.def and macros for Telemark Cross Assembler under DOS. Updated comments
22.01 Kb
23.08.2017 12:48
Download 12
This is an image of the Tandy Utility Disk for the TPDD2 Cat No. 26-3814
201.09 Kb
23.08.2017 08:15

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