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M100.def and friends for Telemark TASM assembler for dos/windows New: Tandy 200 support!!!
32.38 Kb
12.04.2022 08:08
Download 43
New: Tandy 200 support
43.26 Kb
12.04.2022 08:06
Download 41
New: Tandy 200 support!
40.75 Kb
12.04.2022 08:04
Download 101
Radio Shack demo for the Model 100!
4.43 Kb
20.02.2022 20:35
Download 97
The programs in this directory were written by me unless specified otherwise. I have chosen to post my files as text files, correctly labelled as .DO files and readable by humans until they are converted to tokenised basic and run. Programs that use sound work poorly or not at all on the Virtual T emulator, and the NIST time setting program requires a phone line. These programs were written on, and designed to be used on, a real TRS-80 Model 100. If you get any use out of my programs I would appreciate a message:
1.09 Kb
20.02.2022 20:28
Download 222
PowerBASIC Console Compiler source code for TOKENIZEv23.EXE. Copyright Robert H. Pigford 2010. Please contact me if you want to use this code for your programs. I have no objection at all, I just want to know who might have found some value in this code. Thanks again to Ken Pettit and Mike Stein for sharing their code and for being teachers and "beta testers".
30.16 Kb
22.10.2021 18:32
Download 227
Helpfile that works with TOKENIZE.EXE
5.51 Kb
22.10.2021 18:16
Download 228
TOKENIZE.EXE is for Windows computers. It lists .DO files that may be candidates for you to tokenize them into .BA program format. This means that you can create a .BA program file on your Windows machine that you can transfer to your ModelT and run without having to use your ModelT to load your .DO program listing then SAVE it to MENU as a .BA program. TOKENIZE.EXE, TOKENIZE.HLP, and all your .DO program listing files must be in the same directory. TOKENIZE.EXE was written using PowerBASIC Console Compiler 6.0 which is a powerful BASIC compiler that makes stand-alone executable files (.exe files),
50.5 Kb
22.10.2021 18:15
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Moon Buggy 10-liner game for Model 100, ASCII Version. Jump over the "moon craters" by pressing the SPACE bar.
773 b
01.08.2021 01:10
Download 315
Moon Buggy 10-liner game for Model 100, Tokenized. Jump over the "moon craters" by pressing the SPACE bar.
614 b
01.08.2021 00:52

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