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MVT100 MVT100.exe Version 0.2 *** found a small bug, updated *** *** found a small bug, updated *** This is a Windows program that is serial-fed terminal emulator specifically modified to match the M100 screen output. It enables an 80x24 terminal screen. Compiled on Windows 10 using Visual Studio, based on .NET 4.8. Program is very early and possibly quite buggy. Please let me know any bug reports. thanks. * unzip the file * double click the MVT100.EXE executable * right click on the window top bar, and configure serial port for 19200 8N1. Use either the VT100 driver software on the M100, or use REX# or REXCPM R2.1 or newer software to enable the VT100 driver in your M100/T102. Remember to check out the Wiki page for the VT100 driver. It provides most of the commands provided by the original Disk Video Interface.
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27.02.2023 03:28

Steve Adolph

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