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11.01.2019 13:42

22.10.2021 20:10

13.10.2009 21:58

VBASIC.BA VBASIC.BA (in tokenized BASIC format, not .DO format). While once available on the Club100 BBS, here it is again. This great program by Dr. William T. Verts is called VBASIC. Line numbers are no longer needed when writing your BASIC programs. VBASIC.BA translates the text form of a program that you created with a word processor (like TEXT). Line numbers are not needed. The resulting "translated" file is in .DO format file and subsequently can be LOADed into BASIC and run (and/or SAVEd). PLEASE see the March 1990 issue of Portable 100 Magazine on for all the details. Edit line #1200 for compatibility with your model of ModelT (use 63032 for the M100/T102 series, or 61189 for the T200).
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13.10.2009 22:14

Robert Pigford

VBASIC.EXE Dr. William T. Verts also created and made available on the old Club100 BBS a version of his VBASIC called VBASIC.EXE. This is the same as VBASIC.BA but created in an executable form to run on a DOS computer. VBASIC.EXE will translate your un-numbered text program files and produce the same line numbered text file suitable for LOADing into BASIC that VBASIC.BA would. As an executable file, it is much faster on a DOS machine than VBASIC.BA on the ModelT. Note: It seems to run in a DOS window under Windows XP just fine. Remember to have your source file in the same directory as VBASIC.EXE. Interestingly, VBASIC.EXE can also be used to create a translated file for use with GWBASIC (for DOS) which also requires line numbers. Use GWBASIC commands and syntax in your text file, run VBASIC.EXE on it, and you will create a line numbered text file that can be LOADed into GWBASIC and run, etc. See the March 1990 issue of Portable 100 Magazine available on for all the details of VBASIC usage.
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13.10.2009 22:27

Robert Pigford

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