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CALC.BA Calc program from 26-3827 (tokenized)
2.43 Kb
20.08.2010 06:28

Mike Stein

Calc.mp3 Calc program from 26-3827 in MP3 (224Kbs) format
487.18 Kb
20.08.2010 06:33

Mike Stein

ENTOKE.EXE ENTOKE [filename] - DOS/Win program to convert plaintext BASIC program(s) to tokenized .BA version. The output file name will be the input file name with a .BA extension (.100/.200 -> BA1/BA2), so if the input file name ends in .BA it must first be renamed. To batch convert a number of programs in a folder, rename all .BA -> .BAS and use the FOR..IN..DO command in DOS or Command (CMD) mode. e.g.: FOR %A in (*.BAS *.100 *.200) DO ENTOKE %A
41.69 Kb
13.12.2010 17:43

Mike Stein

EntokeB.bat Script file for ENTOKE to allow drag-and-drop single file conversion in Windows XP; place in the same folder as ENTOKE.EXE and drag plaintext BASIC file on to it.
31 b
14.12.2010 03:02

Mike Stein

M100disXL.7z Ken Pettit's most excellent M100 ROM disassembly (as of 07/10/11) converted to an Excel spreadsheet with documented labels added, and a label cross-reference. A work in progress.
268.46 Kb
10.07.2011 20:27

Mike Stein

Mdump.DO A memory dump program in BASIC for Model T's: Options: Output to LCD (default, 8 addresses per line) or COM port (15/line, default 9600bd) Hexadecimal (default) or Decimal addresses.
946 b
01.11.2022 22:36

Mike Stein PORTAL maze game (originally in DL-ARC.EXE)
364 Kb
21.07.2011 02:30

Mike Stein Teeny/Desklink file transfer suite and some sample programs. (Originally DL-ARC.EXE, PORTAL maze program removed to fit 500K size limit)
138 Kb
21.07.2011 02:26

Mike Stein

Total Space Used: 1.27 Mb

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