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C2.DO According to me, the most user-friendly display of the entire character set of your model T. Works on 100, 102, 200, M-10 and Virtual T. Just 1 (long) line of BASIC.
139 b
18.11.2011 13:54

Jan Vanden bossche

DIGICS.DO BASIC file - DIGItizing the Character Set - creates a big (!) file in RAM where all the characters are layed out as text
753 b
25.06.2009 19:54

Jan Vanden bossche

DIGICS.TXT PC text file - DIGItizing the Character Set - the 'big' file, converted for PC use. View in Notepad with Terminal font.
17.72 Kb
25.06.2009 20:25

Jan Vanden bossche

KEYMAP.DO BASIC file - KEYboard MAP - displays your keyboard with GRaPH and other special key-combinations. Made on a 102.
2.87 Kb
25.06.2009 20:28

Jan Vanden bossche

PI.DO BASIC file - PI or 3,14159... - 2 ways to calculate PI and a way to display it when you have the older character set for the model 100, that can't.
436 b
25.06.2009 20:33

Jan Vanden bossche

Total Space Used: 21.89 Kb

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