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09.07.2021 06:13 Keplerian elements for tracking sats with trk100. See for most recent.
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17.06.2012 13:46

Brian Brindle Satellite tracking program for M100. (Requires My modified version with Y2K Fix and with the tracking interface and the kep update routines removed is in this archive. Original TRK100 software can be downloaded here: *Installation Instructions:* 1. Download TRK100.DO and KEPLRN.DO if you haven't already. 2. Connect your M100 to your PC with a Null Modem Cable. 3. On the M100 launch TELCOM and setup your com port. * I usually set my COM port to 1200 baud 8N1 with XON/XOFF. To do this issue the STAT 58N1E command at the Telecom: prompt. 4. After setting your baud rate and flow control above enter TERM. 5. Launch your favorite terminal program on your PC and configure the baud and flow control paramaters to match that of the M100. If using the above 58N1E insure that Software Flow Contorl is enabled. 6. Transfer via ASCII the two files listed above. * Hit F2 on the M100
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08.02.2010 17:05

Brian Brindle

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