The Whole Enchilada
Updated: 14-Aug-98
Status: Being reviewed

Please Note: The information in this document has just been translated over from the printed version (14-Aug-98) and is being reviewed. There are errors! This notice will go away once all the obvious errors are corrected. From there, this document will be upgraded over time.

For the Tandy Portable Disk Drive 200K format...
Tandy Catalog Number: 26-3814


Do the following...

  1. Connect the TPDD2 to the laptop computer and turn the laptop computer on.
  2. Turn the TPDD2 off.
  3. Hold the Utility Disk up to the light and make sure the write protect window is open, not closed. The write protect window is the little 1/4" square in one corner of the disk.
  4. Insert the Utility disk into the TPDD2 and close the door.
  5. Go into BASIC on your laptop, enter the following program and follow the steps indicated.

    NOTE: Hit <enter> after you key in the following line:


After keying in the program and hitting enter, your laptop should look like it's doing nothing. This is good. Now, do the following...

  1. Turn the TPDD2 on.

In less than 5 minutes, and if everything went as planned, you should see the FLOPPY program in your menu. This is the disk operating system (DOS) that Tandy invented. FLOPPY is not the best DOS in the world for the TPDD2--we think our TS-DOS is better--but at least FLOPPY works.

You are now ready to use your TPDD2 and FLOPPY to access disks. This is the working condition for normal use. You no longer need to use your Utility disk and should put it away for safe keeping.

If you have further questions about FLOPPY.CO, the TPDD or TPDD2, or anything else regarding a Tandy Model 100, 102, 200 or WP-2 computer and associated equipment and programming or use, please feel free to call us. Our job is answering questions and helping our club members.