The Whole Enchilada
Updated: 14-Aug-98
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The Tandy Portable Disk Drive is made by Brother Corp. Tandy sold 2 versions of the brother portable drive. Both use standard 3.5" DSDD disks ... the instructions call for SSDD but those disks are no longer available. Buy generic disks, not Tandy, or brand name disks. Tandy, and others, charge too much and generic disks work just fine.

Name                         AKA    Bytes Files TandyDOS
Tandy Portable Disk Drive    TPDD   100K     40 FLOPPY.CO
Tandy Portable Disk Drive 2  TPDD2  200K     80 FLOPPY

Tandy ships a disk operating system (DOS) with the drives. The FLOPPY.CO program is okay, as it loads and runs like any other .CO files, but FLOPPY does not. In fact, FLOPPY is, in many cases, disruptive. Over all, TS-DOS is far more useful. To the good, both FLOPPY.CO and FLOPPY are the only DOSes capable of image-duplication, i.e., the ability to make an exact copy of a bootable disk. Note: TSRANDOM also has this trait but is just for the TPDD, not the TPDD2.