The Whole Enchilada
Updated: 14-Aug-98
Status: Being reviewed

Please Note: The information in this document has just been translated over from the printed version (14-Aug-98) and is being reviewed. There are errors! This notice will go away once all the obvious errors are corrected. From there, this document will be upgraded over time.


The Just-RAM Booster Pak functions exactly like the normal Booster Pak. The major difference is "method" employed to set the jumper for a socket to be a ROM socket vs. a RAM socket.

As configured, all sockets are jumped as RAM. To set a socket to ROM, snip the jumper for that socket--currently jumped center and left pins--and solder another jumper across center and right pins. Done.

The normal Booster Pak's sockets have three pins sticking up with a press on jumper block, like the one found on the second system ROM socket; bottom row, second from the right.

A ROM socket is used to access EPROMs burned for normal Model 100/102 operations. In other words, you may use any ROM you would use in a stock Model 100 or 102, with the following conditions:

The EPROMs must not be in a carrier. Use straight pin EPROMs, like those I burn and place in ROMBO carriers from EME System, i.e., Simply remove the EPROM from the carrier and stick it into the Booster Pak. I use 27C256 200 ns and 150 ns EPROMs.

The images from EPROMs that can not be removed from their carrier may also be used, i.e., PCSG ROMs. I make Booster Pak ROM copies for just $35. I "must" have the original in my possession to do this for legal reasons. I always return the original with the copy.

All Tandy/Radio Shack ROMs are "self booting" and as such can not be used in the Booster Pak without being converted. Again, I convert Tandy/Radio Shack ROMs to non-self booting ROMs for Booster Pak use. Again, just $35 and I must have the original in my possession for legal reasons. I always return the original with the copy.

Can RAM can be used to hold a ROM image? The answer is no, not in a Booster Pak. The only products doing that trick are extRAM and XR4 by EME Systems, Berkeley CA.

Can you read/write a file past 32K? Any file that you directly work on--such as a TEXT .DO file--must copy back from the Booster Pak's RAM storage to the processing RAM of your Model 100 or 102. Model 100/102 limitations apply, i.e., 29638 bytes or less.

Files that you manipulate like a database via programming using the R: function may be as large as available Booster Pak storage. The R: option is a special function built into the Booster Pak's system ROMs, and tied into BASIC and X-TEL (see documentation). BASIC examples are: